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Resurfacing Laser

While the idea of applying a laser to skin may sound like something straight out of a horror movie, the truth is laser treatments can do an excellent job at improving the cosmetic features of skin. If you suffer from skin issues such as acne scars, dark blemishes, or other damage that has left a permanent and quite visible mark, then you may be a candidate for laser skin resurfacing.

How a resurfacing laser works:
All lasers are utilized in the same manner: concentrated beams of light are aimed at a target in order to destroy the surface area. For the purpose of smoothing skin, very small beams of light are used, with precise targeting in mind in order to ensure no damage to the surrounding skin. The laser light essentially destroys the layers of skin it is aimed at, which is why it is useful in removing scars and other permanent blemishes.

What to expect from treatment:
The description of how laser skin resurfacing works may sound painful, but in actuality the procedure is relatively painless, as is the healing process. After your doctor has finished with the skin laser, you can expect some redness, itching, and mild irritation. Depending on the location of where you had laser skin resurfacing performed and the severity of your after-care symptoms, your doctor may prescribe ointment or cream to help ease irritation.