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Being Supportive During a Cancer Crisis

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be incredibly overwhelming. If you have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with cancer, then there are several ways you can offer inspiration. It is important to provide support during this challenging time. Friends and family members will appreciate the encouragement that you can offer.

Offer Specific Help
Instead of making a general offer to assist your loved one, consider making a specific offer. For example, you can offer to drive your friend to chemotherapy treatment. Offering to bring food to a friend’s family or to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy can also be good ways to offer help. Cancer patients may be too overwhelmed to suggest ways that you can help. This is why making specific offers can be an ideal way to help during a crisis. You may also want to consider mutual friends or other family members who can help as well. Encourage groups of friends to find ways to offer support.

Stay Supportive
When cancer patients announce their diagnosis, they may receive an initial outpouring of encouragement and support. The support can decrease as the treatments continue. Stay informed of the treatment plan for your loved one. Try to remain supportive throughout the weeks of treatment. Cancer patients may begin to feel sick as they progress through treatment, and it is important to offer as much encouragement as you can.

Make Small Gestures
If your friend does not feel like having visitors, then consider dropping off a thoughtful card with a supportive message. Cancer patients may not feel like spending time socializing, but you can still be a source of support. If you cannot find the words to offer inspiration, then you may want to search for inspirational books for cancer patients that can offer encouragement.

Cancer patients who have supportive networks of family and friends can face their challenges with more optimism and motivation. These positive attitudes can reduce stress levels. Helping friends and family during their difficult times can also bring you a renewed sense of appreciation for life.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Females with breast cancer usually are old , but although many young females can be young , so breast cancer can affect many female ages . The main symptom of  breast cancer is breast lump , or what is commonly used breast mass ,that mass characterized by being hard , painless , which can discovered suddenly , also that mass may be mobile or fixed to the breast tissue , that mass also characterized by growing rapidly , and finally that mass may be associated with nipple discharge , that discharge may be bloody if the cancer affect breast duct , or may be necrotic tissue in cases of degenerating carcinoma .

Breast mass is the main symptom of local breast cancer , but if the cancer grow and begin to metastasize first to adjacent tissue , the patient in that time complains of dimpling sensation in her breast , but if the cancer metastasize to distant organs , according to the organ affected , the female has it complain , if the cancer affect respiratory system , the female complains of chest pain , productive cough which may be bloody , dyspnea , if it metastasize to the brain the female in that time complains of projectile vomiting , headache , and that metastasis is very rare , and the final two organs are liver and the female will complain of abdominal pain and may be associated with jaundice , the bone may be also affected , the patient will complain of bone ache , and pathological fracture.

Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

Apr 15, 2016

Ovarian cancer prognosis considered to be very poor as most cases discovered in third stage , about 75% discovered in third or even fourth stage , that mean when ovarian cancer involve both ovaries with intrapertioneal spread , or even have distant metastasis to lung , liver , bone .

However Ovarian cancer prognosis depend on many factors differ from patient to another , these factors are divided into tumor factors and patients factors .

Tumor factors and Ovarian cancer prognosis

First of all stage of ovarian cancer , as first and second degree prognosis are more better than third or fourth degree , as in first degree there are surgical option like total hysterectomy with bilateral -oopherectomy ( removal of female genital system ) , that surgery is followed by both radio and chemotherapy , so in first stages it considered curable and last stage usually undergo palliative treatment.

According to the stage , new guidelines write what say 5 year survival rate

  • stage1 : 85% of patient survive about 5 years
  • stage 2 : 60% of patient survive about 5 years
  • stage 3 : 30% only survive
  • stage 4 : only 10 % of patient survive.

Type of ovarian growth , that mean histological type of cancer , as some ovarian cancer are very malignant and spread rapidly and other are not , just for example ovarian malignant sold  teratoma is very malignant type of tumor and it spread early , so it’s treatment must begin in very early stages.

Chemo or radio sensitivity , also are factors in determining prognosis of ovarian cancer as if the cancer is resistant to one or both of these therapies , it has poor prognosis than tumor is sensitive.

Tumor is primary ovarian tumor or secondary , as primary ovarian tumors have more better prognosis and have therapeutic option in first stages , but secondary are very malignant , and usually undergo palliative treatment.

Patient factors and Ovarian cancer prognosis

Age of the patient is highly considered when treating ovarian cancer as young age women is better than old age , as women with young age can endure treatment not like old one.

General female health, it also considered in ovarian prognosis as poor health have poor prognosis , not like good general health.

Psychological status of the patient help to make more better prognosis , as in depressed patient who do not like to live , usually die soon.

Another Ovarian cancer prognosis factor is the efficiency of the treatment , as surgical removal and post operative chemo and radio therapies .

Cervival Cancer Stages

Cervival Cancer Stages

Mar 15, 2016

Staging of cervical cancer is very important, as cancer cervix treatment and survival rates show great difference from stage to another , as in early stages of cervical cancer is curable and so it also has a good prognosis.

There are different ways of cancer cervix staging, but the most trusted and globally used is the FIGO staging, that classify cancer cervix from stage zero up to stage 4.

Stage zero: that stage equal to CIN (cervical intra epithial neoplsia ) , which mean the cancer is still cells no more.

  1. Stage 1 : That stage the cancer is confined to the cervix and it is subdivided into
  • Stage 1a: That stage can not be clinically diagnosed and it diagnosed only by microscope , that stage also subdivided into
  • Stage 1a1 : The cancer cervix is invade 3mm or less in cervix  depth
  • Stage 1a2: The cancer cervix , invade from 3-5 mm in cervix depth
  • Stage 1b: That stage the invasion more than 5mm in cervix depth , but it also subdivided according to cancer size into
  • Stage 1b1 : cancer size is 4 cm
  • Stage 1b2 : cancer size more than 4 cm
  1. Stage 2 : In that stage the cancer start to spread , that stage subdivided into
  • Stage 2 a: cancer spread to vagina , but not involving lower one third
  • Stage 2 b: cancer spread to parametrium -ligament support cervical lateral borders to pelvis bony wall- , but not reaching lateral pelvic walls.
  1. Stage 3 : That stage also sub divided into
  • Stage 3 a : cancer spread to vagina , involving lower one third.
  • Stage 3 b : cancer spread to parametrium , reaching lateral pelvic walls.
  1. Stage 4: That stage subdivided into
  • Stage 4 a: cancer spread to urinary bladder or rectum
  • Stage 4 b: cancer spread distant mostly to lung , liver , bone and brain .

Why You Should Visit an Endoscopy Clinic

Cancer is often a hereditary disease that runs in families. If your father, mother or an elderly relative had a certain form of cancer, you need to go through regular screenings that will check for any signs of the disease in your body. Endoscopy centers do more than just screen for cancers and diseases though. You can turn to a doctor on staff when you have hemorrhoids, an inflammatory bowel disease, acid reflux disease or any other internal problems. Talking to your doctor is the best way to find out whether your symptoms are indicative of something more serious.

Acid Reflux Disease

Acid reflux disease is one of the more common conditions treated at endoscopy centers. Many people don’t realize that the foods they eat contain different natural chemicals that can disrupt their stomachs and other body parts. Lemons and other types of citrus fruits, foods made from tomatoes and tomato juices and certain types of alcohol can all cause a burning sensation in your chest. While some people feel better after reclining slightly or taking an over the counter heartburn medication, others find that they cannot control their symptoms on their own. An endoscopy clinic can monitor your body, check your acid levels and give you prescription medications.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Help

Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, also known as IBS, is just one of the many inflammatory bowel diseases affecting people today. The symptoms of the condition usually occurs shortly after eating, and most patients find relief when they cut out certain foods from their diet. Symptoms of this condition include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, constipation and changes in appetite. If you notice any of these symptoms after eating certain foods, or if you notice these symptoms occurring every time you eat, you need to speak with an endoscopy doctor as soon as possible.

What Endoscopy Clinics Do

After scheduling an appointment at an endoscopy clinic, you need to follow any guidelines given to you, including what you eat and when you eat. When you check in, the doctor will have you swallow a small capsule attached to a video camera. The doctor uses that camera to detect any obstructions in your throat, stomach or bowels that might cause your symptoms. Advanced Endoscopy Clinic of Howard County LLC and other clinics of its type can help you fight back against the symptoms you experience. Click here to learn more about the services offered by these clinics.

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