Original Medicine

More people are steering away from conventional Western Medicine. Despite the best of intentions to treat people of illnesses and various conditions, people find that these medications designed to make them well end up causing a host of other symptoms that require additional medications. These additional medications can further create other symptoms. It becomes a never-ending cycle of taking medications to treat symptoms that create other symptoms. For this fact, many people head to “alternative” medicine as a natural way to treat conditions without creating more.

Many people visit acupuncturists to get various conditions treated. Some go to get over their habit of smoking. Some visit an acupuncturist to lose weight. Everything in the body is connected and because it is connected, qi—vital energy—courses throughout the body as well. Acupuncture regulates the movement of qi to create different effects in the body. As any other practice, an acupuncturist needs a reliable company to purchase acupuncture needles and acupuncture supplies from to ensure quality service for clients.

Some people seek out to eat a raw food diet. This type of eating involves eating a selection of fruit, vegetables and legumes without first cooking them. Despite the perceived limitation in selection, there is a wide variety of dishes that can be created. For example, there is a way to eat a raw burrito of avocados, tomatoes, carrot shavings and other vegetables. There are recipes to create raw ice cream and raw cake. Who knew that alternative medicine could taste so good? Alternative medicine works because it provides the body with exactly what it needs without giving it what it doesn’t need.