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Help for Special Needs People

Adults and children of all ages with mild, moderate, or severe disabilities require adaptive equipment. That includes a special needs bath chair that provides ease of use, comfort, and maximum support that will aid both the person and the caregiver. It can make bathing an interactive and pleasurable experience instead of a stressful one.

The chairs take into consideration factors such as positioning, convenience, hygiene, and comfort. Some chairs have angle adjustability for the right positioning or stability in a seated upright position. These products are lightweight, easy to handle, and are easy to maintain.

Perhaps the bath chair can be used in a dedicated bathroom and not have to come out of the tub. However, if other family members need to use the same bathroom, the chair has to be easy to take out and put away.

An In-Home Assessment scheduled at your convenience will create a diagnosis for the proper equipment and measure the person for a custom fit that will provide a safe and sound bathing experience without the danger of injuries or accidents.

There is a wide range of positioning, mobility, and comfort needs based on disability, age, and lifestyle. The right custom solution can be created for each unique individual. There is a vast difference between what special needs equipment configuration is needed for children and adults. A disabled child does not belong in a shrunken version of the product for an adult. The proper needs involve matching the functional and clinical needs of the individual and the caregivers with the products that are appropriate and useful.

For more information

Custom Wheelchairs USA, an authorized dealer for most of the major adaptive equipment manufacturers, has a large selection of bathing and other solutions to meet a person’s specific needs. Sometimes that means working with products from multiple manufacturers to build the best combination of accessories and components.

When you schedule an In-Home Consultation with their rehab technology specialists, that will give a better idea of the requirements of the person they will be serving. CW USA has more than 30 years of experience working with families as well as professionals to provide quality products that are properly fitted and delivered in a timely manner. They maintain their own repair department and honor the warranties of all manufacturers.

Many clients have worked with CW USA from childhood through adulthood using multiple pieces of all types of equipment. They don’t just sell equipment; they build relationships.

Home Solution: Light Therapy Acne

Home Solution: Light Therapy Acne

May 20, 2017

It is quite difficult to fight acne. It seems it just never stop; keep hunting you down, leaving you in nightmares. It is scary to have acne on your face. It just leaving your confidence to drop all so sudden. Somehow, therapy to fight acne is quite expensive and sometimes you will need to take a long walk to your therapy place. Thanks to the technology, now we can find home therapy machine. This therapy machine uses light as the main part of healing power. Dermatologist commonly uses light therapy acne as their acne removal method.

Revealing the power of light

Home light therapy acne will help your skin to prevent further damage and the growth of papules and pustules. It will slowly reducing the growth time of the papules, and stopping them for sure. Light therapy is normally performed for at least twice a day. It uses the combination of blue and red light. The blue light will help your skin to free from the bacteria. The red light will penetrate deeper, and may reduce skin inflammation and improving its healing time. Person will need to do the therapy at least one hour of treatment for twice a day.

You will also need to use some goggles to protect your eyes. Goggles are needed to prevent the blue light that will harm your retina. If you are wondering about side effects, this home light therapy only have very few known side effect. You may only suffer from slight skin irritation, or even reddish skin only in very sensitive individuals. The UV level that is produced from this light also low and may not create further harm. Home light therapy is considered much more safe than light therapy that is done on some experts or skin dermatologist.



Dec 3, 2016

There has been a lot of talk lately about the use of laser treatments to quit smoking. This latest method to combat the smoking habit involves only one treatment and claims to have a success rate of up to 70 percent. There are numerous quit smoking laser clinics popping up all over the US, as people continue to look for the easiest way to quit smoking.

This technique involves using cold laser technology to apply slight pressure on specific energy points on your body, which causes the release of endorphins. These endorphins promote a feeling of relaxation and also enhance the body’s ability to detoxify nicotine from your system. These two factors can greatly reduce your nicotine withdrawal symptoms making it easier for you to quit smoking. Although withdrawal symptoms will be reduced they will not be eliminated, so will power and determination are essential on your part.

Like other quit smoking methods, your chances for success are directly related to your desire to quit smoking. If you have not made up your mind to quit smoking, nothing is going to help you.

Add Behavior Modification

Laser quit smoking clinics boast a success rate of about 70 percent, which is higher than many other methods such as using the patch, nicotine gum, cold turkey, etc. However there are some hypnosis and herbal quit smoking products that have success rates as high as 90 percent.

Laser quit smoking techniques are more successful when combined with behavior modification. The first three days are the toughest when you are trying to quit, so you must be especially careful during this period. Try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible, avoid people that are smokers, avoid places that you normally smoke at and above all keep yourself busy. The busier you are the less you will focus on your withdrawal symptoms. Ideally you should spend time in places where smoking is not permitted: museum, library, gym and anywhere else that you can think of. You want to find places that keep you stimulated and occupied, which are also smoke-free.

If possible, solicit the help of loved ones in advance so they can help you keep your mind off of your smoking cessation. When you are tempted to light up, focus on the reasons that you want to quit smoking and get busy doing something to keep your mind occupied.

Using word seek puzzles, crosswords, reading or a hobby are also good ways to occupy yourself. I love word seek puzzles and used them as a supporting technique when I recently quit my 25+ year smoking habit. You can never have too many aids to help you quit smoking and remain a non-smoker. Before your quit smoking date, think of a few different ways or activities that you can use to modify your behavior and increase your chances for success.

New Innovations in Office Drinking Water

Every office needs a good supply of water on hand. Not only do thirsty employees run the risk of becoming ill, they’ll have more problems focusing on their work and making it the best it can be. A good, refreshing drink is very helpful for revitalizing flagging bodies.

Standard water coolers serviced by huge bottled of water, however, create their own problems. With such coolers being open systems, and featuring the dispenser buttons so close to where the water comes out, they’re breeding grounds for germs both inside and out. Yuck! It certainly isn’t very pleasant lifting huge bottles of water every day, either. Sooner or later, there’s likely to be an accident. All those empty plastic bottles aren’t good for the environment, either. The storage space is also an issue. That’s a lot of space that could be used for other purposes. But since water is essential, is there any other choice?

Happily, yes. There are some very innovative solutions to these water problems that can make everyone happy. One such solution is offered by They have a very intriguing process that doesn’t use bottled water at all, yet still delivers cold, filtered and healthy drinking water.

This usage of pure water technology involves tapping into good, old-fashioned tap water and filtering out many of the disgusting things that get into it during its long journeys through the filthy water pipes. The water then comes out through the dispenser, refreshing and pure and safe to drink. With this method, the water supply is continuous and there is no further need to struggle with heavy bottles.

Also featured on these systems is a special antibacterial-coated pad for the buttons, so that germs will not stick to the surface. The buttons are far away from where the water pours into your glass, thereby preventing germs at that location as well. It’s a system that works well in homes as well as offices.

With a little research, you can learn more about this and other unique water systems if you feel it’s time for a change from standard bottled water coolers.

Three Benefits of Mobile Medical Vehicles

Over time, the technology behind mobile medical vehicles has become so developed that it is now as if a small doctor’s office can be brought directly to a patient. The benefits of these vehicles have not been lost on the medical community, and as a result, hospitals are now employing them to serve the surrounding community. There are many benefits to doing this. The following are three of these benefits.

Delivering health care to people who are house bound

There are many people who cannot get to a doctor’s office for a checkup nor needed medical care. Often, these people are the elderly who are simply not mobile enough to make it to a doctor’s office, and they have no transportation to get them there. A mobile unit can arrive directly to a person’s home and provide a wide range of outpatient services to an elderly person. There are also people who have limited or no transportation, so they are unable to get to a doctor. A mobile medical unit can bring health care directly to these people as well.

Delivering health care to the homeless

Many people have no place to call home. Some of them are living out of their cars or homeless shelters. In certain situations, they may not be aware that they qualify for government assistance for health care. Bringing healthcare directly to them, not only benefits them with better health but also the community health standards are increased. Some people are service resistant, so they will never go to a hospital or doctor unless it is an emergency. Bringing a doctor directly to these people makes the chances of providing health care greater, because the entire process becomes easier and convenient.

Blood donation

Many people would like to donate blood, but they often do not have the time or do not know where to go. A mobile medical vehicle can be placed in a strategic location, such as a supermarket parking lot. When seeing how easy and quickly a blood donation can be made, people are more willing to do it. These mobile units can also go directly to a business that is participating in a blood drive. Employees can donate blood during their work hours.

There are a variety of mobile vehicles available, including Mobile laboratories. One example can be found with LifeLine Mobile medical.