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Healthy, Happy, Whole: Strategies For Holistic Wellness

If you want to lead an extraordinarily fulfilling life, know that getting and remaining healthy will play an integral role in helping you do so. Below you’ll find three strategies you can implement to begin cultivating a life that leaves you healthy, happy, and whole:

1. Move Your Body Every Day.

It’s no big secret that we now live in an extraordinarily sedentary society. Technological advancements such as the television and smart phone have exacerbated the issue, and it’s now common to note that people are able to complete business assignments and school work without leaving their chairs. While this reality is certainly convenient, we must recognize the fact that our bodies are designed to move regularly. When we don’t acknowledge this fact and respond to it, we run the risk of incurring multiple health issues. Some of them can include obesity and depression. Avoid these outcomes by finding several exercises you love and committing to do them regularly. Ideally, you want to exercise at least five to six days a week. Also make sure that your exercise program includes cardiovascular work, stretching, and strength-building activities.

2. Meditate Every Single Morning.

In addition to moving your body every day, make sure that you start meditating every single morning. This strategy is effective because it will empower you to start your day off on the right foot by gaining control of your thoughts and breathing patterns. Try to meditate in the same place and at the same time to create consistency around this healthy habit!

3. Optimize Your Diet.

In many cases, this is the most important strategy for individuals seeking holistic wellness. This is the case because the food we eat plays an integral role in determining things like our energy levels, mood quality, and ability to lose or maintain weight. With these things in mind, it’s a good idea to keep a record of the food you eat throughout the day so you can gain an understanding of what types of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you’re obtaining each day. If you feel clueless with respect to the world of diet optimization, consider the value of attaining professional assistance. If you’re looking for a Colorado nutrition consultant, consider utilizing the services of Matthew from Lifestyles in Nutrition.


There are many strategies you can implement to cultivate a lifestyle marked by holistic wholeness. Three of them include moving your body every day, meditating every single morning, and optimizing your diet. Make these behavioral changes now so you can start living at a new level of health and happiness!

Diet Foods Menu with a Lot of Nutrients

When someone heard about diet program, some think that the weight loss program is a frightening thing. It is because most people think as if they cannot eat all kinds of delicious cuisines without measuring how much calories they have stored in their fat belly. Well, guys! If you are smart enough to think the main purpose of a diet first, even some diet foods menu are more delicious and healthier than usual tasty cuisines you always want to eat.

There are numerous options of diet foods menu. One of which is Paprika Shrimp & Green Ben Sauté. This Spanish menu is delicious with fresh green beans spreading over it. Peeled shrimps add seafood taste in this cuisine with a lot of nutrients we can get during the diet program. As side dishes, don’t forget to add brown rice or quinoa for serving this Spanish sauté. Next menu is named Chopped Salad al Tonno. This fresh and healthy salad is completed with 258 calories per serving.

This fresh salad contains a lot of nutrients we need every day such as vitamin A, C and folate. This breakfast menu only takes about 15 minutes for preparation. Some delicious ingredients are needed to cook this fresh salad such as lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and hearts of romaine, tomato, green olives and light tuna.

Next diet foods menu is named Grilled Eggplant Panini. As expected, this eggplant sandwich is really creamy and rich of taste and also yummy for child. In medium size, the Grilled Eggplant Panini can be the most favorite snack in afternoon. Furthermore, all ingredients are easy to find in local market even in your own veggie garden at home. Taking about 35 minutes for cooking duration, this dish offers folate, calcium, selenium, potassium, sodium, protein, fiber and iron per serving.

Healthy Foods for Families: What You Need in Your Pantry and Refrigerator

Healthy Foods for Families: What You Need in Your Pantry and Refrigerator

Sep 2, 2015

Everybody knows that eating healthy is important if you want to live a productive, long and happy life. However, eating healthy is particularly important for children who are still growing and developing eating habits that they’ll carry with them throughout their adult lives.

When it comes time to go grocery shopping though it can be a little bit difficult to find new and interesting things when your browse the shelves. Luckily we’ve put together a great list for you. Use it the next time you’re shopping to stock your pantry and refrigerator.

Black Beans

Black beans aren’t exactly a new food on the health scene. You’ve probably been eating them for years, and they’ve been around since ancient times. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still a great source of protein, fiber and all sorts of healthy vitamins and minerals.

The best and simplest way to cook black beans for your family is simply to soak and boil them. You can add sautéed onions and garlic, as well as spice like cumin, oregano and cilantro for a bit of extra flavor without adding fat.

Serve black beans with brown rice and homemade salsa for a healthy meal that’s nutritious and delicious for the whole family.


Tempeh is one of those foods that a lot of people aren’t too familiar with, and some people might even find it to be a little bit strange at first, much like tofu. Unlike tofu though, tempeh is a vegetable-based protein-rich food that’s made from rice, often with ingredients like flax added to the mixture.

Usually sold in block form, tempeh is a wonderful addition to stir-fry dishes, but it can be substituted pretty much anywhere you would use chicken or beef. It needs to be cooked before adding it to dishes, but like tofu it takes on the flavor of whatever you’re cooking.


You’ve heard that you should be eating more fish a ton of times by now if you’re like most people. Well, unless you’ve added at least one or two servings of fish to your diet per week, you still need to heed that advice!

When it comes to fish, wild Atlantic salmon is your best bet because it is high in omega-3 fatty acids and rich in protein. It’s also natural and healthy so you can feel good feeding it to your family.

Combat Medical Issues with the Nutrition Institute

For those seeking guidance on medical challenges like Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune disorders and other issues the Nutrition Institute has a number of resources. Learn more here about the importance of the food everyone eats in the body’s proper maintenance. Dr. Bruce Semon has researched nutrition’s benefits as well as the downsides of certain elements like Candida yeast.

Articles here also cover topics such as digestive problems, autism and cancer. Other topics include skin problems, yeast infections and allergies. You can also read about the surprising effects cottonseed and yeast has on the body. In addition, Dr. Semon has authored several books on these topics, which are available for purchase. These books give the details of the anti-yeast diet that has proven useful for many of his patients over the years.

See the recipe section for ideas for main dishes, side dishes and soups that follow the institutes’s guidelines. You can even find yeast-free dessert and bread recipes. These recipes are examples of delicious nutrition that can be found in Dr. Semon’s books.

The Nutrition Institute can provide you with helpful articles and recipes for a range of medical problems. Dr. Semon’s articles and books are an informative perspective on ways to combat debilitating conditions.

Is malnutrition the latest threat to our elderly residents?

Malnutrition is more common with the elderly than those of any other age group. This is often due to alterations in body composition, the ability to access and eat certain foods and adequate energy intake.

Depression can also play a role in malnutrition amongst elderly individuals and will cause changes in the likes of energy levels, weight, appetite, well-being and digestion.

Staying in top condition


Both ill-fitting dentures and poor dental health can instigate malnutrition issues with the elderly as such ailments can create problems when it comes to chewing and swallowing food. Staying in top condition is therefore imperative and the easiest way to do this is to attend regular health checkups for both general health and dental hygiene.

Create a meal plan


Talking to a nutritionist is a great option for the elderly and can help them to form a healthy eating plan that is suited to their exact needs. Certain people may find that they need more iron or calcium in their diet as they age and a diet plan can set out ways for you to obtain these vital nutrients.

Others may discover that they eating the wrong foods entirely. The right types of food will provide all the vitamins and nutrients required to function healthily; certain foods will even promote higher energy levels, a happier mind-set and more drive.

Help is at hand


Sometimes malnutrition is quite simply caused by mobility issues. If an elderly individual has trouble getting around, he or she may find it difficult to access certain areas of the household.

A simple solution would be to install a stairlift. From curved stairlifts to narrow styles, there are a number of lift variants available. Installing such a device is easy and once in place should allow the elderly individual to freely move around their home as and when they please – thus allowing them to stay independent and active.

Elderly helpers


The elderly may wish to employ an individual to come to their home on a weekly basis in order to prepare meals and acquire a shopping list to deal with. Quite simply, having a few meals ready in the fridge or freezer is a great way to deter issues such as malnutrition and ensure elderly individual get all the sustenance they need.

Shopping online is also another great way to ensure plenty of food is in the home at all times and such a task can even be completed from the comfort of the individual’s own home.

Raising awareness


Due to more and more of the elderly appearing undernourished, a project to raise awareness of malnutrition amongst the elderly has been launched. Raising awareness will provide those who need help with a number of handy sources.

This project was put in place after almost one million people aged over 65 years in the UK were said to suffer from this particular ailment. The aim is to raise awareness amongst professionals, including doctors, care homes, hospitals and surgeries so that problems are not allowed to escalate.

Neil Haboush Shared His Healthy Food for All People

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When you buy Kale, you need to choose firm Kale, Kale with deep colored grayish and Kale must have shard stems too. You who choose wrong Kale, you will not be able to get maximum quality of Kale. Kale must be kept cool too because when you make it always cool, you will not change the flavor of Kale. Leaves of Kale must be fresh too with no spots and also small holes. Today Kale is very famous. In the past time, Kale was considered as animal fodder but today there are some celebrities and famous chefs that introduce Kale as the best premium health food for all people in the world.

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