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Being Prepared for Your Upcoming Surgical Procedure

Being prepared for your upcoming surgical procedure can go far in putting your mind at ease. Much of your stress may entail filling out forms, filing insurance claims, and knowing the staff to whom your health will be entrusted during the operation. When you want to be as proactive as possible in the weeks and days leading up to your surgery, you can click here today to gather much of the information you will need for your procedure. You can fill out forms, get to know your doctors, and also read up on the operation itself so that you can confront any worries and be mentally and physically prepared for your surgery.

The links on the website can guide you through the actual process that will ensue once you are admitted to the hospital. If you are having bariatric surgery, for example, you can click on that link and read about what to expect and what will happen during the operation. You can also find facts about your expected recovery and what complications could happen during rare circumstances.

If you have specific questions that you would like answered before you are admitted, you can click on the email addresses for each location. If you know what location you plan to be admitted to, you can use that email address and ask your questions virtually. Having all of the information you need can put your mind at ease. You can be proactive and get all of the facts you need by using this website today.

Getting In The Office

When you need to go to the doctor for a routine examination or to have an X-ry for a medical issue, it’s best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible so that you know you will have a place in the office. There are a few ways that you can make an appointment.

The first thing that you would probably do is call the office to make an appointment for service. This is the easiest thing to do, but if the nurses and office staff are on the phone, then you probably won’t be able to get through. You can leave a message, but your call might not be returned until later in the day. If you want to make sure you have an appointment, then go to the office to talk to someone at the front desk. All of the insurance cards can be copied, and you will be able to see the worker write down the date and time of the appointment. You will also be able to get a card with the date and time before you leave the office. Another option is to make an appointment online. You can usually choose from one of a few dates available that will suit your schedule.

Best Ways To Promote Fitness In The Office

We all know that sitting at a desk all day is bad for us, but it’s easy to overlook how bad it is for our employees, too. Rising healthcare costs have business owners looking for ways to reduce their employee insurance expenses. Unhealthy office environments and stressed employees add to the bill in the form of sick days and reduced productivity. You don’t have to sacrifice coverage to cut down on healthcare costs. The answer can be as simple as encouraging your employees to get up and move.

Physical fitness is crucial for health, but the benefits don’t stop there. Exercise can help lower stress levels, improving both physical well-being and in-office productivity. Promote a healthier office environment by giving your staff access to fitness equipment. You don’t need to invest in costly gym memberships or sacrifice a chunk of your office space to a gym. By choosing your equipment wisely, you can transform minimal space and some choice pieces of commercial fitness equipment into an on-site health centre.

It’s no surprise that spotting treadmills in Sydney offices is becoming more common. In addition to being a great cardio workout, running provides whole-body exercise that helps the core and leg muscles stay toned. Fitness studies suggest that running is one of the best forms of exercise, and treadmills let your employees customize their workout. They can go for a leisurely stroll, choose a number of circuit laps to run and even run on an incline for a few minutes during their lunch break. Treadmills offer a variety of options in a relatively small piece of equipment, and many models can be folded up for easy storage.

Running isn’t everyone’s favourite exercise, and it can be painful for anyone with arthritis, back pain, foot pain or other injuries. For a solid cardio workout without straining the lower body, rowing machines are an ideal choice. Rowers work the upper body and can help promote better posture. Best of all, the machines are the same size or even smaller than treadmills. Offering both a treadmill and a rower will put some variety into your employees’ fitness routines and help them maximize their calorie burn.

Whether they prefer strength training or want to mix up their workouts, employees will enjoy having weights available at the office. Weights promote muscle strength, tone and flexibility that employees could otherwise lose when stuck at a desk all day. Pin or plate loaded weights are the best option. If you’re unsure which to choose, ask your staff. Fitness buffs might have a preference and will appreciate having some input.

Not only does having a health centre promote fitness and reduce healthcare costs, it can also be a draw for prospective employees. Adding a commercial fitness equipment room to your offices can be surprisingly affordable and easy to do. Fitness Equipment King has a range of options suitable for any budget and space constraints. Visit to learn more.

4 Steps for Choosing A Dentist

With so many different dentists hanging a shingle and declaring themselves open for business, it can be difficult to find the one clinic that’s right for you. Here are just four steps to ensure that the vitality of your smile is put into good hands.

1: Know Your Needs

Are you looking for a clinic that can treat the entire family? Make sure you find one with both adult and pediatric dentists on staff. Or maybe you have special needs in the form of braces, implants and onlays? Look for orthodontic or cosmetic dentists.

2: Consider Your Insurance

Not every dentist will be covered by your insurance. Before you start looking into clinics at all, figure out which ones are within your network. Then create a shortlist depending on the most viable candidates.

3: Look Into Their Techniques

Some dentists are more progressive than others. For example, certain clinics have taken to using digital radiographs to minimize their patients’ exposure to radiation. Learn more about this breakthrough procedure by clicking here.

4: Find Award Winners

If all else fails, look for the dentist with plenty of good reviews to recommend them. Do they have high rankings on sites like Yelp and Yahoo? Have they taken home any accolades from dental magazines or professional associations?

These are just four ways to choose an excellent dentist when you’re surrounded by options. Don’t take chances with your oral health: Take your time and find the one dentist that’s right for you and your family.

5 Reasons Demand for Physical Therapists Continues to Grow seems whenever an updated list of careers with growth potential is released, physical therapy makes an appearance somewhere toward the top of the list. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that job growth in the profession is much higher than average for all other occupations. Between 2010 and 2020, the number of jobs in physical therapy is expected to increase by 39 percent while the average for most occupations is around 4 percent.

The expected increase in demand for physical therapists is attributable to a number of factors, including long-term societal changes that will create significant opportunities for those who wish to enter or advance in the field. In other words, physical therapy jobs aren’t going away any time soon thanks to these factors.

An Aging Population

It’s a fact that’s influencing health care across the spectrum these days: the American population is getting older. The Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1945 and 1965) are nearing retirement age, but in general, these older adults are far more active than the generations that preceded them. Physical therapists aren’t just working with those people who want to maintain their forehand on the tennis court or successfully walk 18 holes of the golf course. As we age, issues like stroke or accidents become more commonplace, and physical therapists are necessary to help patients recover and regain some of their strength and mobility after a serious health issue. This increased demand equals increased opportunities for qualified therapists.

Affordable Care Act

While an aging population is increasing demand for services, so is the fact that more Americans than ever before will have health insurance coverage starting in 2014, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. As people pick up health coverage that helps defray the cost of certain medical services, including physical therapy, those who have been putting off certain procedures or therapies are more likely to seek them out, as they are now more affordable. More people needing services means more jobs for therapists.

Demand in Rural Areas

One of the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act is the expansion of health services to rural areas, through nurse-managed community health centers and other facilities. With expanded access to care in these more-remote regions, the need for physical therapy services is bound to grow. Quite simply, patients do not want to travel great distances to receive therapy, thereby creating opportunities for those therapists who are willing to work outside of major metropolitan areas.

Improved Scope of Service

Thanks to medical research, physical therapists have the opportunity to work with patients across a broad spectrum of conditions and diseases. For example, physical therapy is now part of treatment plans for many premature babies, as well as for children with cerebral palsy, motor skills delays and other issues. Physical therapists are no longer simply working with patients who need to recover from a medical event or accident. They are part of proactive recovery teams and have a wider scope of service than ever before. This expanded level of service does require more training, but it also opens up opportunities unavailable in the past.

Alternative to Surgery

Many patients are reluctant to undergo surgical interventions these days. Whether because of cost, a fear of anesthesia or concerns about infection, recovery time or effectiveness, surgery is not always the first choice in treatment. In some cases, physical therapy presents a viable treatment alternative. Some sports injuries, for example, might be more effectively treated with physical therapy than with surgery.  Performing strengthening and conditioning exercises for a period of time could produce better results, with less pain and lower costs than other treatments. With cost-cutting a major concern of many insurance carriers and customers trying to manage their deductibles and co-payments, anything that can reduce the burden of health care costs is bound to create opportunities.

Many health care and employment experts predict that physical therapy jobs will remain plentiful for the foreseeable future. For a committed therapist with plenty of education and experience, the employment picture is bright.


About the Author: Amy Bailey is a licensed physical therapist.