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Stay Fit and Charming with Fitness Games

Stay Fit and Charming with Fitness Games

Mar 30, 2016

A person has lot many options to play fitness games that let makes him feel motivated towards exercising. When was the last time, that we have enjoyed a game that has equally exercised the body? We hardly remember the time, or say we hardly get time from the strenuous life style which does not allow us to stay fit. An individual is surely going to lead a healthy balanced life while playing fitness games.

Make fitness fun:

Let’s face the reality; everybody would perhaps like to improve a little about their bodies. Fitness games are the games that not only help to stay fit and charming but also change the perspective towards life. Rather than going to the gym or fitness centre why not indulge in fitness games which are less, boring compared to those lacklustre exercises. Here, are some of the games that will improve a person’s fitness.

Playing musical chair is one those fun games to get started. Gather some of your friends or even kids to play which provides best cardiovascular exercise. This game is all about walking/running, that boosts blood circulation and provides both fun and fitness. Jumping rope is another best option that tones up your muscles. Keeping this as a routine regime a person certainly gets envious stares. Sack race, in today’s date this game is still much played. This game is about spending a lot of energy and fun with others which makes it best amongst other fitness games.

Staying fit by playing sports:

There comes a day when working in a gym hits boredom. Staying fit by playing sport is best option that not only maintains a person health but also sharpens his focussing skills. However, the sport should certainly be including physical activity such as basketball, swimming, tennis, squash etc. Picking up sports as fitness games would be a wise decision, since such games keeps a person interested, keeping happy from inside and mentally strong. Playing such sports reduces fat from the body and helps in regaining the shape. Give some time from your hectic day’s schedule to enjoy sports activity that helps a person to stay fit and charming.

Staying fit with Indoor fitness games:

When the outdoor weather does not co-operate, there are indoor fitness games that help a person to remain on the right track. Indoor fitness games work very well for the whole family in a way to stay active. Such activities increase the heart rate while conserving an entertainment edge even if children want to participate. Adapt those games that efficiently fits the available space in your house such as balloon volleyball, hopping, crab soccer, kick jack, animal walk etc.

Before starting with any fitness game, it is important to determine which to go for, understanding the same a person is able to focus on the improvisation of that body part. Fitness games are such games, that overall exercise the whole body making us feel positive within and, motivating us to remain fit and charming as long as we live.

Cervival Cancer Stages

Cervival Cancer Stages

Mar 15, 2016

Staging of cervical cancer is very important, as cancer cervix treatment and survival rates show great difference from stage to another , as in early stages of cervical cancer is curable and so it also has a good prognosis.

There are different ways of cancer cervix staging, but the most trusted and globally used is the FIGO staging, that classify cancer cervix from stage zero up to stage 4.

Stage zero: that stage equal to CIN (cervical intra epithial neoplsia ) , which mean the cancer is still cells no more.

  1. Stage 1 : That stage the cancer is confined to the cervix and it is subdivided into
  • Stage 1a: That stage can not be clinically diagnosed and it diagnosed only by microscope , that stage also subdivided into
  • Stage 1a1 : The cancer cervix is invade 3mm or less in cervix  depth
  • Stage 1a2: The cancer cervix , invade from 3-5 mm in cervix depth
  • Stage 1b: That stage the invasion more than 5mm in cervix depth , but it also subdivided according to cancer size into
  • Stage 1b1 : cancer size is 4 cm
  • Stage 1b2 : cancer size more than 4 cm
  1. Stage 2 : In that stage the cancer start to spread , that stage subdivided into
  • Stage 2 a: cancer spread to vagina , but not involving lower one third
  • Stage 2 b: cancer spread to parametrium -ligament support cervical lateral borders to pelvis bony wall- , but not reaching lateral pelvic walls.
  1. Stage 3 : That stage also sub divided into
  • Stage 3 a : cancer spread to vagina , involving lower one third.
  • Stage 3 b : cancer spread to parametrium , reaching lateral pelvic walls.
  1. Stage 4: That stage subdivided into
  • Stage 4 a: cancer spread to urinary bladder or rectum
  • Stage 4 b: cancer spread distant mostly to lung , liver , bone and brain .