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5 Reasons Demand for Physical Therapists Continues to Grow seems whenever an updated list of careers with growth potential is released, physical therapy makes an appearance somewhere toward the top of the list. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that job growth in the profession is much higher than average for all other occupations. Between 2010 and 2020, the number of jobs in physical therapy is expected to increase by 39 percent while the average for most occupations is around 4 percent.

The expected increase in demand for physical therapists is attributable to a number of factors, including long-term societal changes that will create significant opportunities for those who wish to enter or advance in the field. In other words, physical therapy jobs aren’t going away any time soon thanks to these factors.

An Aging Population

It’s a fact that’s influencing health care across the spectrum these days: the American population is getting older. The Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1945 and 1965) are nearing retirement age, but in general, these older adults are far more active than the generations that preceded them. Physical therapists aren’t just working with those people who want to maintain their forehand on the tennis court or successfully walk 18 holes of the golf course. As we age, issues like stroke or accidents become more commonplace, and physical therapists are necessary to help patients recover and regain some of their strength and mobility after a serious health issue. This increased demand equals increased opportunities for qualified therapists.

Affordable Care Act

While an aging population is increasing demand for services, so is the fact that more Americans than ever before will have health insurance coverage starting in 2014, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. As people pick up health coverage that helps defray the cost of certain medical services, including physical therapy, those who have been putting off certain procedures or therapies are more likely to seek them out, as they are now more affordable. More people needing services means more jobs for therapists.

Demand in Rural Areas

One of the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act is the expansion of health services to rural areas, through nurse-managed community health centers and other facilities. With expanded access to care in these more-remote regions, the need for physical therapy services is bound to grow. Quite simply, patients do not want to travel great distances to receive therapy, thereby creating opportunities for those therapists who are willing to work outside of major metropolitan areas.

Improved Scope of Service

Thanks to medical research, physical therapists have the opportunity to work with patients across a broad spectrum of conditions and diseases. For example, physical therapy is now part of treatment plans for many premature babies, as well as for children with cerebral palsy, motor skills delays and other issues. Physical therapists are no longer simply working with patients who need to recover from a medical event or accident. They are part of proactive recovery teams and have a wider scope of service than ever before. This expanded level of service does require more training, but it also opens up opportunities unavailable in the past.

Alternative to Surgery

Many patients are reluctant to undergo surgical interventions these days. Whether because of cost, a fear of anesthesia or concerns about infection, recovery time or effectiveness, surgery is not always the first choice in treatment. In some cases, physical therapy presents a viable treatment alternative. Some sports injuries, for example, might be more effectively treated with physical therapy than with surgery.  Performing strengthening and conditioning exercises for a period of time could produce better results, with less pain and lower costs than other treatments. With cost-cutting a major concern of many insurance carriers and customers trying to manage their deductibles and co-payments, anything that can reduce the burden of health care costs is bound to create opportunities.

Many health care and employment experts predict that physical therapy jobs will remain plentiful for the foreseeable future. For a committed therapist with plenty of education and experience, the employment picture is bright.


About the Author: Amy Bailey is a licensed physical therapist.

What Food Helps Your Hair Grow Faster?

Food is essential to survival. It gives us the energy that our bodies need to do all the complicated processes that keep us moving and growing. Even our hair needs food to keep growing and moving. Although, sometimes we don’t give our bodies the right food or enough of the right food to keep our follicles in proper working order. A little bit of the right knowledge and the right mindfulness can improve your hair growth speed. So what can you eat and how can you make your hair grow faster? I’ll tell you.
Your hair is dead cells called Carotene. But your follicles are fully alive and need proper nutrients to maintain their work. What it needs is minerals and nutrients to get their jobs done. Don’t give it what it needs and it will become damaged and fall out, which is the opposite of what want.
A diet that is rich in proteins will help your hair grow faster. This includes meats, beans and dairy products. Consult your food guide to be sure that you are giving your body everything it needs and more, including your follicles, to help your hair grow faster.
Your hair also needs Vitamin A and Vitamin B. This gives you tons of options and allows a varied diet, because there’s lots of different foods that contain both vitamins. These include fruits like mangoes, green leafy vegetables like iceberg lettuce, carrots, whole grain cereals and more!
Specifically, your hair is protein. That means that eggs are naturally a great way to get more protein into your diet. Plus, you’ve got the added bonus of preparing them any way that you like. They’ll still have the same amount of protein! Eggs are also a source of B12.
Things like zinc and essential fatty acids protect your hair. They prevent dandruff and dry scalp to ensure your hair grows properly when you’re trying to increase its growth speed. Alfalfa juice, coriander and spinach will give your hair all the zinc and essential fatty acids it needs.
Flax has forever been considered a health food, and is known for its many benefits to the human  body. Well, it’s good for your hair too! It can help speed up the growth, and will help it keep a good shine.
Omega-3 fatty acids and B12 are great for improving hair growth. You’ll find this in tuna, salmon, mackerel and other oily fish. Consume about 3-4 servings per week, and you should start to notice a difference.
There are just so many different food options out there that will help your hair grow faster that you don’t need to sacrifice choice for style. You can still enjoy the variety of life and do something to improve the way you look at the same time. Just read the ingredients on any of the labels of the food you buy to be sure that it contains the things that you need to give you that faster hair growth. Bon appetit!

The Best Things about Mens Wigs in Advent Hair

Men who has problem with severe hair loss so that they become bald often think about wearing wigs in order to cover their baldness. Without a doubt, there are so many wigs that can be found at this time. Even so, do you know that there is something not good about those wigs? Usually, the wigs which are sold in local stores are made in mass. It means that they are not made based on special needs of specific people based on their hair characteristic. Because of that, whenever men wear wigs, it is quite easy to know that their hair is something fake.


In order to avoid such thing to happen, it is much better for men to get some custom made wigs, which are of course suitable their hair characteristics. Without a doubt, this kind of wigs can create a look which is exactly the same with the look before they get the baldness. Such perfect mens wigs era the ones that can be found in a special wigs manufacturer, which is common to be called as Advent hair. In the official store of Advent Hair, men can get the custom wigs that can make them look better. With the wigs, it is so certain that they will be able to gain better self-confidence.


When a custom wig is ordered in the store of Advent Hair, there is several premium quality materials used. For example, there is a kind of lace and also hairpieces. Other than that, of course there are some other features that can make every wig made here to be even better. The store provides a wide variety of hair color to choose. Besides, it also has various textures and also waves of hair to be chosen personally by each client. Unlike any common wigs that can be found at this recent time, the ones which are made in this store is made only when there is special order from its clients. Based on all good qualities can be found in the wigs produced by Advent Hair, it is certain that this store is a recommended one to fins solution for baldness problem.

Tight hair styles

Avoid tight hair styles which might be pulling your own hair too securely. This is a frequent reason for baldness, and is experienced by women too as well. When you’re excessively acquiring hairstyles or maybe you are getting hair styles that are tugging the hair on your own head extremely tight, it’ll cause grip alopecia. Should you stop the hairdos before long term damage is completed, however, your hair will increase back.

Speak to a specialist to discuss signs and symptoms and alternatives. Your hair loss ought to always be discussed which has a professional before starting any type of treatment method. You could be encountering hair loss due to a fundamental issue or perhaps temporary hair loss because of some aspects that could be in your life. You’d like to learn what a skilled has to say.

Vitamin e antioxidant is a wonderful addition for your strategy to battle the signs of hair loss. You will use this nutritional in gas form for you to moisturize your current scalp as well as strengthen your own hair. Additionally, you are able to take this specific vitamin inside pill type to reduce breakable hair that is at risk of falling out.

Be sure to wash your own hair of any gel before you go to rest. If you go to sleep with car amide peroxide gel in your hair, the actual pillow will most likely push the actual gel in to the pores in your scalp. Waters unmanned. Hair growth, and in addition it can damage currently present hair roots, making you shed hair more quickly.

To aid prevent hair loss ensure that you let your hair end up being loose rather than confined as frequently as possible. Your hair tied inside elastics or snugly snug within a ball cover has been proposed as a cause of premature hair loss. As a result avoid your own hair being snugly confined.

Is going to be pillow scenario can help to avoid hair loss. Satin or perhaps silk instances are however to help reduce hair loss. Sleeping having a cotton or perhaps flannel wedge pillow case might cause friction in your head which may cause damage to the particular hair follicles and earn the hair fallout.

For women that are connecting through the menopause, do not be astonished if you start suffering from hair loss. Those hormones a woman works with during change of life is what will cause hair loss. Speak with a medical expert about what remedies are available. In addition, there are hair loss drugs made simply for women.

Males suffering from hair loss, you might like to consider using water saw palmetto. Natural extracts assist to inhibit the development of DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE, a male endocrine that is shown to cause hair loss. To work with this method, acquire the state of mind from this berry and simply sign up for your hair.

Aromatherapy is a good and productive way to help reduce and deal with hair loss. The natural skin oils help to take it easy the head and advertise stronger hair pores. With this strategy, you will rub the natural skin oils into your remaining hair and leave the idea there for 25 minutes. Then, you completely wash your own hair.

Eating bright sesame seeds might help slow down hair loss. Every day try to eat a small number of white sesame plant seeds. These wholesome seeds are usually full of magnesium and calcium, containing an astonishing 1,200 mg. Magnesium and calcium are great for your own scalp, they’ll nourish the idea and lessen your hair loss.

Sun can damage hair

Reduce sun damage in your hair, through looking for products which contain sun block lotion. The sun could be ultimately harming to your locks, and eradicate any advantages you may profit from your treatment routine. When you find yourself protecting nice hair, you will provide longevity which will help prevent lightening of their color at the same time.

If you like the way, in which your hair deals with swimming inside the ocean, you can find products that copy the high sodium ocean consequences. Look for aerosols labeled sea spray or something like that. If you want to you could make your own mix, try combining one tsp of sea with 8 ounces regarding water. Then, include about five drops involving lavender essential oil and now, there is an ocean in the bottle.

Pick shampoo, restorative and other items, based on nice hair type and requirements. Colored head of hair benefits from Ultraviolet protection and other moisturizers, as an example. Oily curly hair requires a light, no-buildup conditioner. In case you are unsure of hair type, question a cosmetologist with regard to advice on discovering the right products with regard to caring for your curly hair.

If you have tough water at home, steer clear of the use of remarkably lathering shampoos. Hard water can make it difficult to rinse off soap effectively and the build-up in the shampoo within your hair may make your remaining hair itchy, dry out and scaly. No- along with low-lather shampoos can be obtained, especially in locations hard water will be commonplace.

Lowering wear a new cap whenever swimming inside pools anytime you can, in order to safeguard your hair from your chlorine that is certainly added, if you don’t wear the cap while swimming, a few to wash hair and then, issue it, following you are completed.

When drying out your hair, stay away from using a blow-dryer. Extreme heat can be detrimental to your curly hair, and often simply leaves it seeking frizzy. Instead, encapsulate your moist hair in the towel as long as possible. This can allow your head of hair to dry out naturally, and may leave you with minimal frizz.

Take a day-to-day multi-vitamin. One of the best approaches to ensure healthful hair growth would be to take in balanced diet with a lot of vitamins. Choosing a daily multi-vitamin will certainly supplement your own dietary ingestion to ensure that your own body’s needs are usually met or perhaps exceeded. Pick a high-quality vitamin created for people of your respective age and also gender.

Are you affected by dandruff? Search for a wash and moisturizing hair product with a compound called green tea tree acrylic! Tea sapling oil is actually all-natural, and will try to soothe the dry remaining hair. This helps to avoid dandruff through being created, and will depart your hair hunting, feeling and in many cases, smelling fantastic.

It’s important to ensure your hair as well as scalp obtains enough organic oil. For distribution of one’s hair’s natural acrylic, try folding over as well as brushing the scalp along with hair internally. Keep doing this till your remaining hair begins to poke. Follow up with a mild massage making use of your fingertips.

Don’t use plastic hair combs and paint brushes that cause added static energy in your locks that can cause flowing hair to look uninteresting and dull, as well as, possessing fly-always. There are hair brushes that you can buy which might be made of many other materials, such as, dog fibers which will give you significantly less static electrical power.