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Menopause Night sweets

Menopause Night sweets

Apr 30, 2016

Sweating , occurring at night and it commonly associated with hot flashes , the studies show that they occur to more than 75 % of menopausal females ,These episodes may be intense and severe enough to interrupt sleep night , menopause is the not only cause of night sweats , there are other causes of night sweats like for example , it can occur during pregnancy (pregnancy night sweats), also as aside effect of some medication like antidepressant and hormonal therapy.

Menopause Night sweets causes

Like hot flashes, night sweats has not completely explained mechanism, but its main cause is the lack of estrogen. That lack of estrogen shifts the set point in the thermo regulation center leading to increase body temperature , and so increase sweating as away for heat loss , there also other night sweets causes like Infection , mainly due to Tuberculosis, Other bacterial infections which lead to pus formation (streptococcal or non streptococcal), endocarditis, Osteomylitis, pus under tension or HIV infection may also lead to night sweats. Malignant tumors (cancers), most common malignant tumors cause night sweats is Lymphoma. Specially if associated with weight loss and unexplained fever. Medical drugs , Some drugs can lead to night sweats as a side effect of the drug like Antidepressant drugs ,as it cause hot flashes and so it  can be associated with  night sweats or cause night sweats only  in range about 8 to 22 % , Also antipyretics which are used for lowering body temperature will lead to night sweats

Other medications include ( Anti estrogenic drugs, Niacin, Hydralazin and nitroglycerin).

Night sweats treatment

Treatment of night sweats and also other menopause symptoms include two main aspects , Natural remedies which in turn  include two main vital approaches, and if these steps carried correctly , you can get rid of night sweats completely , these approaches are

  1. Life style modification

These simple modifications , can make you get free of night sweats , beside it does not have any side effects or even expensive like medication, by simple changes in your life, you can enjoy your night without annoying night sweats.

These steps are :

  1. Avoid stress, and anxiety also try to do relaxing and breathing exercises , they have a lot of benefits.
  2. Avoid hot rooms and bedding , and take cool showers especially before going to sleep , also you can cool the surrounding environment by putting air conditioners or even fans , also you can put ice water tanks beside your hand, it also may be useful.
  3. Avoid alcohol , smoking diet pills and spicy food .
  4. Natural herbs for night sweats treatment
  • Phytoestrogenic herbs(e.g. black cohosh)
  • Non estrogenic herbs (e.g. macafem)

The second approach is medical treatment  which mainly is Hormone replacement therapy.

Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

Apr 15, 2016

Ovarian cancer prognosis considered to be very poor as most cases discovered in third stage , about 75% discovered in third or even fourth stage , that mean when ovarian cancer involve both ovaries with intrapertioneal spread , or even have distant metastasis to lung , liver , bone .

However Ovarian cancer prognosis depend on many factors differ from patient to another , these factors are divided into tumor factors and patients factors .

Tumor factors and Ovarian cancer prognosis

First of all stage of ovarian cancer , as first and second degree prognosis are more better than third or fourth degree , as in first degree there are surgical option like total hysterectomy with bilateral -oopherectomy ( removal of female genital system ) , that surgery is followed by both radio and chemotherapy , so in first stages it considered curable and last stage usually undergo palliative treatment.

According to the stage , new guidelines write what say 5 year survival rate

  • stage1 : 85% of patient survive about 5 years
  • stage 2 : 60% of patient survive about 5 years
  • stage 3 : 30% only survive
  • stage 4 : only 10 % of patient survive.

Type of ovarian growth , that mean histological type of cancer , as some ovarian cancer are very malignant and spread rapidly and other are not , just for example ovarian malignant sold  teratoma is very malignant type of tumor and it spread early , so it’s treatment must begin in very early stages.

Chemo or radio sensitivity , also are factors in determining prognosis of ovarian cancer as if the cancer is resistant to one or both of these therapies , it has poor prognosis than tumor is sensitive.

Tumor is primary ovarian tumor or secondary , as primary ovarian tumors have more better prognosis and have therapeutic option in first stages , but secondary are very malignant , and usually undergo palliative treatment.

Patient factors and Ovarian cancer prognosis

Age of the patient is highly considered when treating ovarian cancer as young age women is better than old age , as women with young age can endure treatment not like old one.

General female health, it also considered in ovarian prognosis as poor health have poor prognosis , not like good general health.

Psychological status of the patient help to make more better prognosis , as in depressed patient who do not like to live , usually die soon.

Another Ovarian cancer prognosis factor is the efficiency of the treatment , as surgical removal and post operative chemo and radio therapies .