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4 Steps for Choosing A Dentist

With so many different dentists hanging a shingle and declaring themselves open for business, it can be difficult to find the one clinic that’s right for you. Here are just four steps to ensure that the vitality of your smile is put into good hands.

1: Know Your Needs

Are you looking for a clinic that can treat the entire family? Make sure you find one with both adult and pediatric dentists on staff. Or maybe you have special needs in the form of braces, implants and onlays? Look for orthodontic or cosmetic dentists.

2: Consider Your Insurance

Not every dentist will be covered by your insurance. Before you start looking into clinics at all, figure out which ones are within your network. Then create a shortlist depending on the most viable candidates.

3: Look Into Their Techniques

Some dentists are more progressive than others. For example, certain clinics have taken to using digital radiographs to minimize their patients’ exposure to radiation. Learn more about this breakthrough procedure by clicking here.

4: Find Award Winners

If all else fails, look for the dentist with plenty of good reviews to recommend them. Do they have high rankings on sites like Yelp and Yahoo? Have they taken home any accolades from dental magazines or professional associations?

These are just four ways to choose an excellent dentist when you’re surrounded by options. Don’t take chances with your oral health: Take your time and find the one dentist that’s right for you and your family.

How Laser Dentistry Can Help You

Laser dentistry is something that many people haven’t yet heard of. Yet, it’s something that can change lives by providing a better smile and sense of self-confidence. Laser treatments are available for many dental procedures that you may have thought could only be completed with invasive methods.

People looking for the best dentist Vancouver frequently have issues with gummy smiles. This is a common dental problem, but many people are concerned that having it corrected could hurt. A laser lift reshapes your gums without the need for sutures, giving you a better overall smile.

If you struggle with gum disease or other bacterial problems, there is a laser procedure that will help restore you mouth to good health. Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy, also known as LAPT, helps tighten up your gums and eliminate pockets where bacteria can collect. You’ll be free from the painful inflammation and bleeding that accompany gum disease in no time.

The right Vancouver dentist can help make sure that painful oral ulcers and canker sores are a thing of the past. Laser treatments kill the bacteria that cause the painful sores and help sterilize the area to prevent any recurrence. In most cases, this treatment will take 30 minutes.