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Stay Healthy with White Tea Bud and Leaf Extract

You must realize that there are so many kinds of invisible things and they can potentially become something harmful to us. Yes, indeed, although they are invisible, they are around us. Well, we are talking about the bacteria and virus. Whenever those things find that our body is lacking in its immunity, in no time, we will be suffering from the health problem. That is why we need to make sure that we can maintain the immunity quality so we will not be troubled that way. However, the question is how to do that?


There are basically so many kinds of supplement that can be found out there and they have been made to help your body immunity. Nevertheless, among those supplements, one of the best is the white tea bud and leaf extract. Perhaps, you might have not been so familiar with it but you need to believe that this thing is really great for your immunity. It is because this white tea extract has been researched to contain nice amount of healthy and good bacteria. Such bacteria will have the function to help your body to maintain its health by repelling the potential harms that come from the outside. For addition, this white tea is also high in its antioxidant properties. Yes, indeed, when it comes to antioxidant, it seems that it will have no end whenever we are talking about the benefits. It is even said that antioxidant is really good to fight against cancer cell.


And you know what? This white tea extract is also good for the women since they can have nice and healthy skin. The skin will be smoother and also beautiful whenever they have consumed this white tea. Of course, by considering the awesome benefits that you can get from the white tea extract, you must not be hesitant anymore to get it. Remember that you are dealing with natural thing here. Unlike the other supplements that might contain chemical matters, you will not face any side effect in consuming this white tea extract. For addition, the price is also affordable. So, for the sake of your health, you need to get it right away.

Wonderful Vitamin C Serum for Beauty and Health Care

It is commonly understood that vitamins and minerals are vital to human’s health. Conventionally, consuming measured fruits and veggies is considered the most effective way in boosting stamina. Healthcare everywhere in the world has also considered natural ingredients as the safest treatment and healing therapy.


Increasing demands of career and social life has put our time to process fresh ingredients becomes very limited. Ideally speaking, fresh juice that is consumed every morning and before bedtime has been very effective in maintaining body strength. The problem is that it takes some time to get things prepared. reveals a simpler way to get the most out of vitamin C serum. This website contains information of a serum that is blending various natural ingredients for beauty and healthcare.


The Challenging, Unpredictable Climate

In current severe climate change, seasons and weather are becoming more difficult to predict. It has serious impacts on health. For those living in tropical climate, getting exposed under the sun brings many skin problems. Applying high UV sunscreen on daily bases can give some protections, but internal treatment cannot be neglected. For those living in sub-tropical climate and four-season regions, skin is exposed to extreme temperature changes. If internal intake of Vitamin C is limited, not only human skin is at risk but other diseases can attack, too.


The most common problem when it comes to decreasing body immune, exposure of severe weather changes and stresses is influenza. Although this appears to be a common flu, it is enough to make our day gloomy ad unproductive. This website,, gives you reliable solution to improve skin’s health and body condition.


What We Need for Protection

STAY-C® 50 contains natural ingredients that are very effective to skin care. It reduces wrinkles due to aging or external factor, makes the skin tight and consists of strong antioxidant. This is particularly very effective to heal skin problems because of discoloration and sun exposures. Below, what you will get from this serum:


  • containing Vitamin E, too, making this serum works more effectively when it is combined with Vitamin C. As an element to prevent skin from aging, the mixture of Vitamin E & C makes this serum works better
  • Root Powder from Konjac flower, this is a special flower found in Asian continent that is rich in various nutrients. It contains several vitamins, too, such as A, B, C, D, and E
  • Extract of Chamomile, functioning as skin’s shield. It soothes and calms the skin naturally.
  • Ferulic Acid that is contained in plants has a tremendous effect in decreasing UV skin damage, especially when used together with Vit. C & E !


For more information, click Find out the power of natural components. Enjoy no side effects, and say farewell to skin problems!

What You Need To Know About Kronic

Kronic refers to synthetic cannabis. Kronic has many names. The most common include; K2, spice and Kaos. Kronic was initially designed to bypass drug laws because it is made using legal chemicals. It gives users a high which is legal. The high is commonly referred to as legal high.


What is Kronic or Synthetic Cannabis?


Synthetic cannabis simply refers to cannabis that is made in laboratories. Synthetic cannabis has synthesized chemical components or copies of (THC) delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol which is the main active ingredient in marijuana. The synthesized chemical components are composed of laboratory made chemicals like CP-47, JWH-018 or 497-C8 which have the same effect on the brain as cannabis. Although pharmaceutical cannabis is used to treat certain conditions i.e. pain and nausea, synthetic cannabis is marketed because of its euphoric effects. Kronic or synthetic cannabis is usually smoked to produce a very quick and intense ”high” or psychoactive drug effect.


Kronic or Synthetic Cannabis Effects


It is important to note that the composition of Kronic varies therefore no one knows the precise composition. Also, there is no recommended dosage so the exact effects still remain unclear. Most studies focus on the negative effects of Kronic that have been reported i.e. agitation, anxiety and exacerbation of psychosis. These studies are consistent with some of the adverse side effects of smoking cannabis. It is therefore accurate to assume that Kronic produces the same effects as cannabis.


Is Kronic Addictive?


Addiction is caused by neurobiological changes in the body which increase a person’s dependence and tolerance to a drug. Addiction also causes a withdrawal phenomenon when a person attempts to discontinue drug use making it very hard to stop using drugs.


According to numerous studies, the cannabis plant has a tendency to cause dependence, tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. It is important to note that for drugs to be addictive, they need to produce neurochemical reward/s which is the case with Kronic or synthetic cannabis.


The Kronic Problem


According to numerous research studies, the Kronic problem is not as severe as the use of the cannabis plant. When you compare Kronic use and the use of other hard drugs i.e. cocaine, heroin, meth, etc., Kronic use is insignificant. Very few people use Kronic over the cannabis plant.


The concerns on Kronic use are not based on the severity of Kronic use but on Kronic agents or Kronic metabolites. Kronic agents can’t be detected through conventional drug screening methods used in workplaces. This is a serious concern that calls for new drug testing techniques that factor in synthetic drug agent and many prescriptions drugs that are commonly abused.




In summary, the fact that Kronic is synthetic cannabis doesn’t make the drug safe for use. Kronic still produces the same adverse effects produced by the cannabis plant. It is in fact more dangerous because no one knows the exact chemical composition of the drug. The fact that Kronic use can’t be detected by the current drug testing techniques and methods is a cause for concern. Kronic or synthetic cannabis is one step ahead of the current drug laws. It is therefore important to consider developing more comprehensive drug laws and policies to ensure that legal loopholes aren’t exploited.