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What You Should Expect From Yoga Classes in Perth

As popular as yoga is, there are still people who do not much about this type of exercise. Many people are skeptical about trying yoga because they do not know what to expect in a yoga class. Does it require expensive workout clothes, soothing music and do I need to know what Namaste means? What is the sun pose? Having these concerns and fears are normal. To help you become familiar with this type of exercise, here are three things you should know about yoga class in Perth.

Yoga Classes Are For Beginners

The average yoga class is designed for people of all skill levels, even beginners. Most yoga instructors will alter their class to make it easier for anyone new to class to participate, without hindering the progress of those who are more advanced. It should be noted, that some yoga classes are structured for the more advanced participants. If you are a beginner, it is best to avoid these classes. Classes that are designated as being for all levels are ideal for someone newly introduced to yoga. Before class, it’s important to tell your instructor that you are new. Your instructor will ask if you are open to receiving assistance during the class. If you are, he or she will spend more time with you to make sure you are getting the most out of the class.

Yoga is Not Only About Flexibility

As the popularity of yoga classes in Perth has increased, many people believe that stretching and flexibility is what yoga is about. Yoga is much than this. Stretching and flexibility are a means to achieve life balance. Your goal should be to achieve this balance, not to achieve a greater level of flexibility.

Do Not Forget to Breathe

Many people push themselves past the point of exertion. However, doing this stops the body from breathing in harmony with the poses. The way you breathe is as important, if not more, than your poses you are holding. No teacher will tell you to compromise your breathing to achieve a pose.

When you try something new, there is always an adjustment period. However, the yoga community is about accepting new people. Once you gain the courage to take a class, you will notice how comfortable you feel. CharleYoga has members of all ages and experience levels. The instructors are yoga experts and the environment is welcoming to new members. Learn more about CharleYoga by visiting