What to Expect When You Go To an Alcohol Detox Treatment Center

They say the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. The second step is to get help to overcome your problem. Many people feel as though the only addictions that truly exist are to illegal substances but alcohol addiction is real and affects millions of people a year. Once you have decided to get treatment for your alcohol addiction, you will likely go to a detox treatment center. Many people are unsure what actually happens at an alcohol detox treatment center and have a lot of questions.

The First Step

Upon arriving at the facility you will be informed of the rules and policies that are in place for your treatment and safety. Alcohol withdrawals can be mild or severe and these facilities are designed to help you through the process as much as possible. You may suffer from psychological symptoms, physical symptoms or a combination of both. The treatment facility will provide you with necessary medications to control the withdrawal symptoms to prevent you from relapsing.


Once you have become sober, the facility will then educate you on ways to remain that way. Many people who attempt to quit drinking cold turkey with no medical or psychological treatment will find themselves drinking again within a year of quitting. The goal of these facilities is to teach you coping mechanisms to stressor that once led you to drink. These may include talking, exercising or a hobby that you enjoy. Find more information about alcohol detox treatment centers in your area at 30dayrehabs.com/.


Counseling is a key step in overcoming alcohol addiction. Many facilities will provide individual, group and family counseling for recovering alcoholics to discuss and learn from other’s experiences. Counseling is a safe environment for the patient to express their emotions and feelings while listening to the thoughts and feelings of others around them. The family meetings allow family members to not only discuss how alcohol has affected them but also to learn how they may have been enabling the patient in their addiction.

After You Leave

Leaving the facility does not mean you are completely recovered and most treatment centers know this. These centers offer aftercare programs that include weekly or monthly meeting and continued counseling sessions to the recovering alcoholic. In addition to continued counseling, you may be required to attend alcoholic’s anonymous meetings or join a twelve step program to insure you will have somewhere to turn to prevent a relapse.