What to Expect from a Drug Rehab in Brisbane?

Brisbane is the capital and most populous town of the Australian state of Queensland and the third-most populous city in Australia. Despite the large distance between this country and the planet’s sources of unlawful substances, there are individuals who struggle with addiction. Drugs such as cannabis, narcotics and cocaine enter into this country from throughout the world. Most people turn out to be addicted to drugs knowingly or unknowingly. They don’t realize the extent of their addiction till things get out of their hands and they are unable to stop by themselves.

The good news is that there are numerous drug rehabs in Brisbane to help addicts live a drug-free life. These facilities offer a variety of programs like in patient treatment programs, outpatient treatment programs, 12 step programs, sober houses and more.

What should you expect from a drug rehab in Brisbane?

Drug Detoxing

Detox is the initial step in a rehab plan that provides all the resources necessary for recovery. The main objective of drug detoxification is the physiological therapy that is necessary after a prolonged utilization of the drug. This part of rehab is a bit challenging for most users; however the staff will be there to assist you in every step of the way.

Treatment and Counseling

After the detoxification, the process of actual recovery can begin. Therapy as well as counseling sessions that follow help addicts discover the root cause of their addiction. Also they can heal themselves mentally and emotionally to overcome the problems that they might have suffered.

The therapist will deal with the issues of the addicts and make them learn how to cope with anxiety and stress without relying on drugs. Most centers in Brisbane also make use of group therapy sessions. Family therapy is additionally used to train family members in helping the addict.


In the initial stages of the recovery, addicts might fail to recognize the severity of their situation, or they may be unwilling to quit drugs permanently. Education is an important part of treatment and rehabilitation programs. Although it can vary from center to center, the process is aimed at making addicts honest about their situation. Education will also help them alter their attitude towards drug use.


The therapy will not end on the day the addict finishes the program. Drug rehabilitation facilities in Brisbane are also designed to provide aftercare to the patient. It might include outpatient treatment support groups, staff, or sober houses. Each one of these long-term care options can make this process of transition easier for the addict. By keeping in touch with the counselor or an assistance group, an addict can continue with sobriety easily and steer clear of relapse.

What Is the Cost of Drug Rehabs in Brisbane?

The costs of rehab programs in Brisbane can vary depending on the kind of program you choose. The cost of average inpatient residential treatment program is around $ 3840. The outpatient treatment program can cost you typically $ 20.78 each day, while outpatient programs without medicine will cost you an average of $ 26.72 per day.

Drug rehab centers in Brisbane can definitely make a difference in one’s life. They can help addicts enjoy a drug-free existence. Generally, these services help addicts beat their habit in a few months; however, the length of treatment varies from patient to patient.