Beat Smoking Now: Saving Your Children’s Lives for Good

The content of nicotine in the cigarette is well known of its hazardous effect on a person’s health. The risks might not come soon but in the long run, it decreases life quality of the smoker and increases the possibility of bad cells to develop, such as cancer. While the effects on the active smoker are widely understood, the passive ones, i.e. people who inhale the smokes for a long period of time are also at risk. The danger improves when children are exposed since early age. highlights asthma, respiratory problems, bronchitis, weaker lungs, ear infections and pneumonia as several health problems that can endanger children’s lives. The condition can get even worse when mothers keep smoking during pregnancy and continue this habit even after the babies are born. In the worst case, both parents are smokers. Beyond habits, and beyond comfort behind smoking, parents have to be more aware that others’ lives are being threatened as passive smokers. Quit smoking today to save your children’s lives and to improve family life quality!


There are two substantial reasons why parents have to stop smoking now, i.e. physical health of the kids and psychological effects that children will suffer from. Taking in nicotine and carcinogens every day for a period of time is simply the same with poisoning the vulnerable children slowly. When they grow older, the risks of heart and lungs problems are high. Unimaginable is the fact that health care that should be covered to beat these diseases are of course not inexpensive. Exposing children to the sight of adults smoking at home will also pass the same ‘family culture’ to them. Unconsciously, children will learn that it is okay to smoke cigarettes at home where many people are gathering around. For younger children, it raises confusion of conflicting values that they learn from regulations and school with what they see at home. The psychological impact of at-home smoking actions will be passes over generations. It is high time for mums and dads to rethink about the values that they want to nurture in the family and it is not too much to beat smoking habit from now. The sooner parents quit smoking, the faster they will save children’s health and family future.