The Blue Lotus Herb Experience

Herbs have been used for centuries. The Egyptians used them daily to help them live healthy, peaceful lives. The blue lotus herb was one of the herbs they used.

The blue lotus herb is also referred to as blue water lily or the Egyptian lotus. It’s usually found near lakes and rivers.

The Egyptians thought the plant was sacred. It was a gift from the Nefertem god. The story was that he offered this plant to Ra, the sun god.

Egyptians enjoyed the sweet smell of the lotus. They also experienced health benefits. It’s known to calm the body and mind. Many people believe they also used it as a recreational drug. They would soak it in wine to ingest it.

Today, users of blue lily benefit from the pain relieving qualities and the euphoria they experience. When taken in high doses, the drug can be hallucinogenic. Some report that it is sexually arousing and enhances potency.

To gain the maximum benefits of this herb, many people make a tea from it. Five grams is more than enough to experience its effects. Place the herb in a tea ball and soak in hot water for at least two minutes, and then sweeten as desired.

To experience the same drink the ancient Egyptians did, place five grams of the herb in one bottle of wine. Don’t use more than five grams or you may end up not feeling well. It won’t taste very good either.

If you’re looking for a way to fight body aches, feel at ease mentally, and increase your sexual arousal, buy blue lotus herb. You can purchase it in many ways such as tincture or herb form. If using the tincture, follow the instructions on the bottle because it is more concentrated than the herb form. This is especially true if you are making a tea from it or placing it in wine.