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How Can a Smile Makeover Boost Your Career?

When most people think about what they need to build a solid career or advance into a higher income bracket, specific ideas usually come to mind. They’ll need the right education, the right work wardrobe, a reliable mode of transportation, an attractive personality and physique (for specific careers). Good working relationships, commanding presence, and confidence are secondary in many cases. However, those latter mentions are usually among the top things that employers focus on – yes, even above your clothes, car, and six pack abs. In fact, according to statistics, a stunning smile is the best way to make a good first or lasting impression. But how does something so simple help with your career goals?

Smiling Boosts Attraction

In polls, 99.7% of people said attraction is an important physical element in any type of relationship. Now, that’s not encouraging anyone to use their appearance at work for nefarious purposes. But clients, coworkers, and buyers will often respond better to someone they find visually appealing. Let’s look at Hollywood. People don’t normally start watching soap operas or reality shows for the acting or story lines. And few modern celebrities would keep their red carpet positions if they had beer guts and broken teeth. Reeling it in, how many “TV attorneys” or professional newscasters/reporters have you seen that didn’t secretly find the Fountain of Youth? It all begins with a bright new smile, and a competent cosmetic dentist can help you get yours.

A New Smile Can Make You Appear Intelligent

OK, so chances are you’re no slouch. But if you’re up against others for a new job or promotion, you need every legitimate boost you can get. According to the AADA, a new smile can help out with more than just your appearance. It goes beyond simply flashing those teeth. It’s the type of smile that counts – the confidence and power behind it. You could smile the same way in two different pictures. Picture A may involve stained or crooked teeth. The smile doesn’t quite reach your eyes because of life stress. Picture B involves the same smile but with cosmetic dentistry assistance. Your teeth are whiter. Decay or missing teeth are corrected. Perhaps Invisalign or dental implants have been added. Suddenly the smile does reach your eyes and guess what? You look more sophisticated; more authoritative; and as far as employers are concerned, you’re worthy of consideration for that open position or advancement.

A Nice Smile Can Make You More Memorable

One of the biggest individual problems in any type of business is getting lost in a sea of potential. This could include in the workforce, itself; fighting against competition for a specific position; with clients who need to work with you on a one-on-one basis; or even with a growing customer base. Research proves, however, that a smile is the first thing almost a third of all Americans notice. Approximately 73% of Americans insist they’d trust someone with a good smile over someone with a good job, nice car, or flashy wardrobe. So it’s not so surprising that 74% of Americans believe an unattractive smile can actually hurt career success or growth. Now, before you laugh that away, consider the multiple studies that prove an average 3-4% “attractive” income bonus across the nation. The good news is that even if you’re not born with it, your cosmetic dentist can help you look like you were. So what are you waiting for? Contact Bright Smile Design Dental a cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn, NY to discuss your smile makeover.

Being Supportive During a Cancer Crisis

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be incredibly overwhelming. If you have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with cancer, then there are several ways you can offer inspiration. It is important to provide support during this challenging time. Friends and family members will appreciate the encouragement that you can offer.

Offer Specific Help
Instead of making a general offer to assist your loved one, consider making a specific offer. For example, you can offer to drive your friend to chemotherapy treatment. Offering to bring food to a friend’s family or to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy can also be good ways to offer help. Cancer patients may be too overwhelmed to suggest ways that you can help. This is why making specific offers can be an ideal way to help during a crisis. You may also want to consider mutual friends or other family members who can help as well. Encourage groups of friends to find ways to offer support.

Stay Supportive
When cancer patients announce their diagnosis, they may receive an initial outpouring of encouragement and support. The support can decrease as the treatments continue. Stay informed of the treatment plan for your loved one. Try to remain supportive throughout the weeks of treatment. Cancer patients may begin to feel sick as they progress through treatment, and it is important to offer as much encouragement as you can.

Make Small Gestures
If your friend does not feel like having visitors, then consider dropping off a thoughtful card with a supportive message. Cancer patients may not feel like spending time socializing, but you can still be a source of support. If you cannot find the words to offer inspiration, then you may want to search for inspirational books for cancer patients that can offer encouragement.

Cancer patients who have supportive networks of family and friends can face their challenges with more optimism and motivation. These positive attitudes can reduce stress levels. Helping friends and family during their difficult times can also bring you a renewed sense of appreciation for life.

Menopause Night sweets

Menopause Night sweets

Apr 30, 2016

Sweating , occurring at night and it commonly associated with hot flashes , the studies show that they occur to more than 75 % of menopausal females ,These episodes may be intense and severe enough to interrupt sleep night , menopause is the not only cause of night sweats , there are other causes of night sweats like for example , it can occur during pregnancy (pregnancy night sweats), also as aside effect of some medication like antidepressant and hormonal therapy.

Menopause Night sweets causes

Like hot flashes, night sweats has not completely explained mechanism, but its main cause is the lack of estrogen. That lack of estrogen shifts the set point in the thermo regulation center leading to increase body temperature , and so increase sweating as away for heat loss , there also other night sweets causes like Infection , mainly due to Tuberculosis, Other bacterial infections which lead to pus formation (streptococcal or non streptococcal), endocarditis, Osteomylitis, pus under tension or HIV infection may also lead to night sweats. Malignant tumors (cancers), most common malignant tumors cause night sweats is Lymphoma. Specially if associated with weight loss and unexplained fever. Medical drugs , Some drugs can lead to night sweats as a side effect of the drug like Antidepressant drugs ,as it cause hot flashes and so it  can be associated with  night sweats or cause night sweats only  in range about 8 to 22 % , Also antipyretics which are used for lowering body temperature will lead to night sweats

Other medications include ( Anti estrogenic drugs, Niacin, Hydralazin and nitroglycerin).

Night sweats treatment

Treatment of night sweats and also other menopause symptoms include two main aspects , Natural remedies which in turn  include two main vital approaches, and if these steps carried correctly , you can get rid of night sweats completely , these approaches are

  1. Life style modification

These simple modifications , can make you get free of night sweats , beside it does not have any side effects or even expensive like medication, by simple changes in your life, you can enjoy your night without annoying night sweats.

These steps are :

  1. Avoid stress, and anxiety also try to do relaxing and breathing exercises , they have a lot of benefits.
  2. Avoid hot rooms and bedding , and take cool showers especially before going to sleep , also you can cool the surrounding environment by putting air conditioners or even fans , also you can put ice water tanks beside your hand, it also may be useful.
  3. Avoid alcohol , smoking diet pills and spicy food .
  4. Natural herbs for night sweats treatment
  • Phytoestrogenic herbs(e.g. black cohosh)
  • Non estrogenic herbs (e.g. macafem)

The second approach is medical treatment  which mainly is Hormone replacement therapy.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Our teeth are one of the most prominent features on our face. When a person has a healthy and attractive smile, they look happier, smarter, and more successful. On the other side of the coin, when a person has teeth that are stained, chipped, or missing, they seem sadder, less intelligent, and to lack success. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry in the United States and across the Western world has grown in popularity.

One of the more popular forms of cosmetic dentistry is dental implants. Dental implants have many benefits when compared to other dental treatments. One of the primary benefits stem from the fact that dental implants are the next best thing to a person’s natural teeth. Dental implants restore a tooth in a way that makes it look, fit, and feel like a person’s natural tooth. Other dental options, including bridges, can lead a person to have bone deterioration, may interfere with the person’s ability to smile and eat, and may make it a challenge for them to speak in a normal way.

Dental implants are designed to last. They are not a temporary solution. Most bridges are designed to last at most for seven years. But they need to be replaced. Dental implants on the other hand, if they are cared for in a proper way, will last a person for the rest of their life.

Dental implants allow a person to enjoy their smile without being worried about their dentures falling out when they smile or when they bite into a hard piece of food. Dental implants allow a person to control their own life and not to have their life controlled by their teeth.

Dental implants let a person keep the natural shape and contour of their face. When a person is missing teeth, their face might start to look sunken and sad. Dental implants also protect the healthy bones that people have around their jaw. Many do not realize that human bones need constant stress in order to grow. When a person loses a tooth, the bones in their jaw do not receive the stress they need to grow. As a result, their bones deteriorate.

The Implant Dentistry Journal online frequently discusses the benefits of dental implants as opposed to other forms of dental replacement. One of the primary benefits of dental implants is that a person is able to keep their teeth in their mouth and not in a jar.

Being Prepared for Your Upcoming Surgical Procedure

Being prepared for your upcoming surgical procedure can go far in putting your mind at ease. Much of your stress may entail filling out forms, filing insurance claims, and knowing the staff to whom your health will be entrusted during the operation. When you want to be as proactive as possible in the weeks and days leading up to your surgery, you can click here today to gather much of the information you will need for your procedure. You can fill out forms, get to know your doctors, and also read up on the operation itself so that you can confront any worries and be mentally and physically prepared for your surgery.

The links on the website can guide you through the actual process that will ensue once you are admitted to the hospital. If you are having bariatric surgery, for example, you can click on that link and read about what to expect and what will happen during the operation. You can also find facts about your expected recovery and what complications could happen during rare circumstances.

If you have specific questions that you would like answered before you are admitted, you can click on the email addresses for each location. If you know what location you plan to be admitted to, you can use that email address and ask your questions virtually. Having all of the information you need can put your mind at ease. You can be proactive and get all of the facts you need by using this website today.