Dental Care: Best Way To Have Healthy Mouth and Teeth

Mouth and teeth are body parts that can reflect whether a person’s body is healthy or not. When the mouth and teeth are unhealthy there will be diseases that occur in the mouth such as toothache, sores. Later, if there is an infection in the teeth or gums spread to other body tissues it will affect the health of other organs.

Dental care is also important considering that humans use their mouths every day to talk and eat. Of course, having a healthy mouth and teeth will make you more confident when interacting with your client, teacher, lecturer, business partner or boyfriend or girlfriend. Unclean mouth and teeth can result in bad breath caused when you talk. Therefore, if you want to know how to have healthy mouth and teeth, you must follow this article.

The basic thing that really does not need to be reminded is brushing your teeth regularly. Brushing teeth is recommended to do a maximum of 3 times a day, namely after breakfast, before going to bed, and one more time can be done after lunch. Basically, the cleanness of teeth and mouth are not measured by how much you brush your teeth but the correct brushing technique. When you brush your teeth, you need to do it gently and try not to cause damage to the gums. It is recommended to brush your teeth for two to three minutes.

If you are a sweet tooth, you need to consider your health before eating dessert or chocolate. The reason is that food which contains sugar is one of the foods that are a source of energy for bacteria that live in the mouth. They will form plaques that can affect teeth and gums. In addition, sweet foods that you eat will also turn into acids that are changed by bacteria and this is what causes cavities. By reducing sweet and sour foods, it is likely that your teeth will have a small number of cavities.

From now on you need to get used to going to the dentist regularly. Many people think going to the dentist is only for those who have a toothache and want to put braces. In fact, the advantage of going to the dentist regularly is that doctors can detect potential diseases that will attack your teeth and mouth earlier. What is more, if you like coffee and sweet foods, you need to be diligent in controlling teeth.

In conclusion, dental care is one of the activities that must be considered by everyone. Considering that the mouth is the sense used to communicate with other people, it must be ensured that the mouth and teeth are healthy so that you can communicate comfortably.