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Skip the Golf Course and Practice at Home

Visit any sporting goods store and you’ll likely see hundreds of products designed to help golfers better their games. You can find everything from hats and sunglasses to putters and cases that the manufacturers claim will make you as good as Tiger Woods. The only thing that can really give you the results that you want is practice. With professional golf mats, you can now get in practice anytime you have a few minutes at home.

Why Use a Golf Mat?

Weather conditions can make it impossible for you to hit the links. Even if you live in a warmer area where golfing is a year-round sport, there are still days when you can’t golf. Rain, hail and even strong winds can cause courses to close for the day. You’ll also have days where you only have an hour or less free, which isn’t enough time to really get any time in on the green. As long as you have some free room in your yard, you have enough space for a golf mat.

How Golf Mats Work

Golf mats feature a construction made from polypropylene and other materials that mimics the look and feel of a golf course. If you step on it with your eyes closed, you might not even notice a difference. You can choose between a foam backing that has a little spring to it or a urethane backing that sits flush on the ground. Shop now for golf mats that you can use at home.