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New Innovations in Office Drinking Water

Every office needs a good supply of water on hand. Not only do thirsty employees run the risk of becoming ill, they’ll have more problems focusing on their work and making it the best it can be. A good, refreshing drink is very helpful for revitalizing flagging bodies.

Standard water coolers serviced by huge bottled of water, however, create their own problems. With such coolers being open systems, and featuring the dispenser buttons so close to where the water comes out, they’re breeding grounds for germs both inside and out. Yuck! It certainly isn’t very pleasant lifting huge bottles of water every day, either. Sooner or later, there’s likely to be an accident. All those empty plastic bottles aren’t good for the environment, either. The storage space is also an issue. That’s a lot of space that could be used for other purposes. But since water is essential, is there any other choice?

Happily, yes. There are some very innovative solutions to these water problems that can make everyone happy. One such solution is offered by They have a very intriguing process that doesn’t use bottled water at all, yet still delivers cold, filtered and healthy drinking water.

This usage of pure water technology involves tapping into good, old-fashioned tap water and filtering out many of the disgusting things that get into it during its long journeys through the filthy water pipes. The water then comes out through the dispenser, refreshing and pure and safe to drink. With this method, the water supply is continuous and there is no further need to struggle with heavy bottles.

Also featured on these systems is a special antibacterial-coated pad for the buttons, so that germs will not stick to the surface. The buttons are far away from where the water pours into your glass, thereby preventing germs at that location as well. It’s a system that works well in homes as well as offices.

With a little research, you can learn more about this and other unique water systems if you feel it’s time for a change from standard bottled water coolers.