It’s What’s Inside That Counts- Specialized Services Take Analysis to the Atomic Level

Look out Sherlock Holmes. Though the sleuth was likely the beginning of the CSI movement in many ways, the idea of small details being the answer to many problems began with Sir Edgar Conan Doyle’s fictional detective. Years later, it seems like the ability to do DNA and material analysis has once again given those with access to technology an edge. Luckily, a number of businesses have realized this, and are willing to provide the small details to anyone with a need and the funds.

Doggie Detective- Pet DNA
Ever wonder what the lineage really is for your pound puppy? Now for a small fee you can send his or her poo through the mail to one of the many Doggie DNA labs that have appeared. Discover parental and grandparental heritage, and let your three pound companion wear the badge of honor that great grandpa was really a great dane. Of course, mere curiosity is not the only place these services are handy. If you’ve narrowed down the neighborhood to a husky, golden retriever, and black lab as the potential perpetrators who leave a present on your lawn every morning, you’ll be able to give your neighbor concrete evidence at last that their precious pooch is to blame.

Structural Components- Makeup of Your Material
If the inventor of the perfect substance has died and taken the recipe with him, there is hope. By visiting this website, you can get the answer down to the molecular level. X-ray diffraction is a great way to discover the makeup of many different materials, and the percentage of atoms/molecules of each kind within its makeup. This kind of technology is commonly used in manufacturing, but it can also be used to see if your grandpa left you a diamond or a cubic zirconium in his will.

Heavy Metal Hair- Nutritional Analysis
If you’re not feeling so hot and the doctors have not found anything wrong, it may pay to look up. Upon the top of your head is all the evidence you need to say if you’re low or high on certain minerals and vitamins. Clip a chunk and send it to one of several nutritional hair analysis labs, along with the brands of shampoo, styling products, and hair dye/bleach you use. From there, they will send you a detailed report of which things might help to supplement, and what you may need to purge.