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Insects That Can Cause Allergies

Not only is spring the time of year people start to worry about spring seasonal allergies but its also the time of year that those pesky insects make their return and invade your backyard BBQ or picnic. There are a number of insects that can cause allergies from stinging or biting, the most common are bubble bees, wasps and fire ants.


Bubble Bees

Bubble bee stings can of course be dangerous to those allergic but luckily the bubble bee is not aggressive and most likely won’t attack unless it feels the need to defend itself. Bubble bees and honey bees are attracted to bright flower like colors, food (specially scents) and water. They will leave behind their stinger after stinging and can only sting once as they die after stinging.


Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets

These speices tend to be more aggressive than the bubble bee and can sting multiple times leaving no stinger behind. You can find them nesting in and around wooded structures as well as eaves of houses. They are attracted more to sweet things like sugar or your can of soda pop on the picnic table.


Fire Ants

Fire ants were accidentally imported from South America and are quickly becoming a problem as they have spread through much of the United States. The ants live in mounds and can be very aggressive attacking and stinging 6-8 times even if not provoked. The sting can be very painful so shoes are a good idea even if you are not allergic to their bites.