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I Didn’t Even Know I Had Diabetes

I needed to learn all about diabetes in Brazil because I had a crummy doctor who didn’t seem to know which way the stethoscope went into his ears. That happens a lot down here because the country’s medical system leaves a lot to be desired. The rich people often leave the country for their medical care, and the very poor don’t get any care at all. The rest of us have to sort of suffer through idiot doctors who shouldn’t have medical licenses. I often try and diagnose my conditions online before I even think about going to see one of these doctors.

Recently, I had a situation occur that made me think I might have a metabolic disorder. In particular, I started suffering from blurred vision and some other symptoms that made me think I might have developed diabetes. I know for a fact that this disease runs in my family. Both sides of my family have had members who ended up dying from untreated or poorly treated diabetes. That meant I ran the risk of developing it myself. I think I started having problems because I wasn’t eating as well as I should, and had been ingesting a lot of sugar.

After I looked online at a site that explained the condition and the symptoms, I was fairly sure I needed to see a doctor to confirm it. That meant finding someone who could run some tests on my blood sugar. I actually went out and bought a monitor myself to see if I could self diagnose the condition. That way I could just get the medicine and take it on my own. The monitor confirmed I had high levels, high enough to warrant taking the medicine. My levels are much better now and eventually I hope to find an adequate doctor who can confirm the diagnoses!