heart rate training tips and tools

There are a number of reasons that someone would want to monitor their heart rate. Sometimes, it is a necessity due to a medical condition, but often it is simply one way to tell a person how they are improving their cardiovascular health. To properly monitor your heart rate, you may want to purchase a heart rate monitor that will help you understand your rates and keep track of your heart rate over time.

To begin monitoring your heart rate, you must know your resting heart rate. This should be taken after you have been sitting quietly for a few moments. The resting heart rate is important because it will tell you if you are improving your overall health over time. After this number is found, you can begin to calculate your maximum heart rate. This is the rate that you can reach during a workout if you are in peak physical strength. Knowing these two number ensures that you can do the math to find out what type of exercise you need to hit specific heart rate goals in your daily workout. Over time, you will be able to get closer to your maximum heart rate for the most beneficial workout.

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