4 Must-Have Accessories for the Gym

The right accessories can elevate a simple trip to the gym into an extreme workout experience that’s been calibrated for physical fitness and mental acuity. But where can you find these magic tools? Here are just four supplies everyone should have in their gym bag.

1: Heart Monitor

They aren’t just for jogging. A high-end heart monitor will keep track of everything from beats per minute to calories burned over a certain time frame, allowing you to optimize your workout for the strongest performance and the best results.

2: Earbuds

Everyone likes to listen to music at the gym, but few people take the time and expense to get themselves fitted for high-quality, custom-made earbuds that won’t fall out every other minute. If you can’t break a sweat without a backtrack, consider making this investment.

3: Versa Gripps

Improve your weight training experience with Versa Gripps (VersaGripps.com). Not only will they isolate your muscles for a stronger, more targeted workout, but they’ll also protect your hands after a long day of lifting.

4: Cycling Shoes

Do you spend a lot of time spinning? Unlike regular sneakers, cycling shoes are made to fit and clip into the pedals, giving you a much more comfortable session and maybe even the drive to beat your personal best.

Climbing on the treadmill is only the first step. If you’re serious about strengthening your body, disciplining your mind and improving your overall health, these are just four essentials for your next visit to the gym.