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Tai Chi For Pain Relief

Pain has a negative impact on your physical, mental and emotional well being. Anyone who lives with chronic pain, such as those with arthritis, know that the pain they experience has a direct impact on their daily activities. Major health organizations, including the Arthritis Foundation, recommend Tai Chi as an alternative therapy. Tai Chi for arthritis is considered safe and effective because of its low impact movement. The gentle, graceful moves that are a part of Tai Chi help relieve pain, restore balance, strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. The loss of flexibility can have a large impact on your ability to perform daily tasks. Maintaining balance is a good preventative against falls which can lead to debilitating injuries.

Deep breathing and meditation are also elements of Tai Chi that produce numerous benefits for anyone participating in Tai Chi. Just as arthritis affects every aspect of your daily life, Tai Chi addresses various aspects of your life. Physically, it gives you an opportunity to move in a meditative manner to comfortably increase your range of motion. The deep breathing and meditative aspect of Tai Chi helps you focus on your breathing rather than on your external surroundings. This meditative state makes it possible for you to quiet your mind and relax your body. Even though you may not be consciously aware of it, when you are in pain, your body tends to tense and your thoughts become focused on the pain.

Benefits of Being a Certified Personal Trainer

If you are looking for a career change that gives more freedom and flexibility than a 9-to-5 job, you may consider becoming certified as a personal trainer. Aside from the obvious opportunity to keep your own body in shape, there are other benefits for working in this field. Those who have made the switch or who have been working in the field for many years have found many rewards and want to find out more about this lifestyle. Here are two things most trainers enjoy about the work.

The Chance to be Helpful
Many people do not realize how good it makes them feel to help others. Personal trainers not only assist with weight loss, but they also help with self-esteem and nutrition. These important aspect of a person’s life can change them drastically. Trainers get to witness the transformation and know that their work helped a new person emerge.

Being Your Own Boss
One of the most frustrated aspects of a traditional job is the fact that you are always accountable to someone else. Most of what you do is dictated by a person to whom you directly report. Personal training removes this obligation because you work for yourself. Of course, being your own boss means you are solely accountable for every triumph and failure of your work, but for most people, the freedom that comes from self-employment is worth it.

No matter which reason moves you to becoming certified, it is important to know that the personal training career is on filled with rewards. You are contributing to good health, your own and that of other people. There are not too many other jobs more rewarding than that.

4 Must-Have Accessories for the Gym

The right accessories can elevate a simple trip to the gym into an extreme workout experience that’s been calibrated for physical fitness and mental acuity. But where can you find these magic tools? Here are just four supplies everyone should have in their gym bag.

1: Heart Monitor

They aren’t just for jogging. A high-end heart monitor will keep track of everything from beats per minute to calories burned over a certain time frame, allowing you to optimize your workout for the strongest performance and the best results.

2: Earbuds

Everyone likes to listen to music at the gym, but few people take the time and expense to get themselves fitted for high-quality, custom-made earbuds that won’t fall out every other minute. If you can’t break a sweat without a backtrack, consider making this investment.

3: Versa Gripps

Improve your weight training experience with Versa Gripps ( Not only will they isolate your muscles for a stronger, more targeted workout, but they’ll also protect your hands after a long day of lifting.

4: Cycling Shoes

Do you spend a lot of time spinning? Unlike regular sneakers, cycling shoes are made to fit and clip into the pedals, giving you a much more comfortable session and maybe even the drive to beat your personal best.

Climbing on the treadmill is only the first step. If you’re serious about strengthening your body, disciplining your mind and improving your overall health, these are just four essentials for your next visit to the gym.