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4 Quirky but Fun Date Ideas for Romantic Couples

For couples, especially those in long-term relationships, it’s important to keep the fiery flames of excitement alive. At least a little bit. Sure, you can let your romance burn down to the comfortable glow of well-established embers. But a fun, quirky date is just what a good relationship needs every once in a while. So, take to heart the following article that suggests 4 quirky and fun date ideas for you and your honey.

Off to a Cirque or Carnival

You have been to old-fashioned circuses, but cirques are the modern solutions—sans animals. You can see contemporary acrobatics with performances geared towards daring and extreme. Or, head over to an old-timey carnival. You can indulge in the yumminess of popcorn, get your fortune read by a pair of love psychics, and ride with your sweetheart through the tunnel of love. This is old-school fun, but worth it.

Spend Time Volunteering Together

There is nothing like finding someone with the same level of caring and compassion as yourself. Volunteering together shows you each other’s vulnerable sides, while helping do some good in your community. Consider helping walk dogs at an animal shelter, serve up hot meals at a soup kitchen, or read stories to sick kids at the local hospitals. You can learn so much about someone by the way they interact with and care for others.

Relive Your Favorite Childhood Memories

Did you love having NERF wars in the backyard with your siblings? Or, maybe you had a few amazing fishing trips with your dad? Whatever the case may be, you can relive those memories with your sweetie. Dig through the most memorable moments of your childhood and reenact those destinations and doings with the one you want to spend forever with.

The Questions Game

This is a quirky, old-school game that ends when you want it to. Like an endless date idea that you can do over the phone, in person, through email…you name it. Whenever a question pops into your mind, ask it. It doesn’t matter how silly or serious. The questions game is a great bonding experience. And, for long-term couples, you may find out interesting things you never knew about your partner.

Romance is a subjective thing. While some couples are happier sitting on the couch together, others have to affirm their love for each other with worldwide travels and daring adventures. If you ever feel stuck in a rut with your beau or sweetie, try out one of the aforementioned dating ideas.

How to Become a Forensic Toxicologist

Forensic toxicology is an interesting, useful profession that combines a passion for law enforcement with a love of science to identify drugs or other chemical agents in body tissues and blood. While these professionals commonly use their skills to determine whether intoxicating substances were a motivator in a crime, such as the presence of alcohol in the blood after a car accident, they may also test victims to determine if they were drugged before a crime was committed against them. Regardless of the precise employment sought by a forensic toxicologist, pursuing such a career requires a great deal of commitment and stringent educational requirements.

Students who have enrolled in a post-secondary institution will need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in clinical chemistry, forensic science or a related area. Additionally, those seriously considering a career in forensic toxicology may want to attend graduate school; while not strictly required, the field is highly competitive, often making it difficult to find suitable employment with only a four-year degree. At some point during their toxicology education, students would be wise to seek clinical experience in the form of an internship or as a volunteer.

After completing their educational requirements, toxicologists can expect to earn a salary that falls between $50,000 and $96,000 per year. While the most up-to-date salary indicators can be found in job postings for employment in the field, earnings are also impacted by a professional’s level of education and prior experience at a forensic toxicology job or in a similar area.

Once employed as a forensic toxicologist, professionals must complete at least three years of full-time work in the field to take the certification exam offered by the American Board of Forensic Toxicology. Additionally, those students seeking certification must have also completed their bachelors’ degrees in a natural science at an accredited school; a thorough study of biology and chemistry will also be required.

Whether students are considering toxicology as a college major or they have already received an appropriate degree, working in the biology-based sector of law enforcement is often a rewarding, interesting career that provides both financial security and job satisfaction. Despite the fact that many future forensic toxicologists worry that burnout will be a serious problem, those who truly enjoy critical thinking, scientific reasoning and a structured lab environment as a workspace may find that this job is perfect for their personalities.

Do You Have Substance Abuse Issues? How to Get Help

Substance abuse issues affect hundreds of thousands of people each year in the United States and all over the globe. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal drugs, substance abuse can be life threatening and problematic to your professional and personal life.

If you feel like you are finally ready to get help, either because you have suffered a near-death experience or you just realize you have a problem you have already taken the first step on the road to recovery. However, the journey is only beginning, and if you want to get clean and sober, you have got some work ahead of you.

Use this guide to help you begin the process of kicking substance abuse. You will live a happier, healthier and longer life if you do.

Break Your Patterns

Many people who suffer from substance abuse do so because they are in a pattern of behavior that is hard to break. These patterns often involve something as simple as having a drink after they get home from work. That one drink could lead to another and then another, resulting in a person drinking all night or calling in sick the next morning.

Other patterns of behavior include simply going out with friends to let loose once in a while, like on a Friday night. While this might not seem like a bad thing – and it isn’t if letting loose is a slice of pizza and some time with friends – people with substance abuse issues tend to get drunk or high when out just having fun.

Whatever your pattern is, you are going to need to recognize it and begin to break it if you want to get clean and sober and stay that way.

Talk with Friends and Family

When you have a substance abuse probably you have likely spent a great deal of time hiding it from your friends and family. In fact, having to hide your use of alcohol or drugs out of embarrassment or fear of what others might think is a common sign that you actually have a substance abuse problem.

However, talking with your friends and family about wanting to get clean and sober requires honesty. While it can be a difficult talk to have with the people you love, they can help provide you with support while you are on the road to recovery. If they don’t know you are suffering they can’t help you with anything at all, and they may even encourage bad behavior without knowing it.

It’s your responsibility to change, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone.

Avoid Triggers

Triggers are things, events or places that can cause a person to abuse a substance or use a substance that they are addicted to for a variety of reasons. Some of these triggers are obvious – like a regular bar for an alcoholic. However, others are a little bit harder to determine.

One example of a trigger might even be a person. Perhaps somebody you have often drank or done drugs with in the past. While they may not have a substance abuse problem, they are somebody who has been around when you have developed a problem. Another example might be a restaurant where you go to have a celebratory dinner and drink that leads to problem drinking.

Stressful situations, particularly with friends and family are also triggers in many people’s lives because alcohol and substances can help to ease irritation, anger and sadness when something goes wrong. Avoiding these triggers is particularly important when you are trying to get clean and sober and kick substance abuse for good.

Get Help

Getting clean isn’t something most people are able to do on their own, especially if their addiction or substance abuse has lasted for years and years. However, there are some ways that you can get help without going into a medical detox program, or if you simply need additional support after exiting a medical detox program.

If you simply need outpatient help to stay clean and fight addiction and substance abuse, a Boca Raton IOP Center can be your best bet. You will find the support you need to stay sober without having to check into a medical facility that can mean giving up your work and family for an extended period of time.

Not everybody needs that kind of help, especially if they have received it in the past. For some individuals, outpatient care is the best method for dealing with addiction and substance abuse in a productive manner.

Keep Your Baby Happy

As a new mother, it can be overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. You have a little person in your life who has become your whole world. You wish that your baby came with an instruction manual so you would always know what to do. Stay calm. You will learn as you go and you have plenty of resources to help you along the way. You’re not the first, new mother to have questions. You and your baby are on this journey together.

Talk to the Experts

Remember that you have plenty of experts that will be happy to give you advice. Give your baby’s doctor a call any time that you are in doubt. Consult the host of books that are available when it comes to child care. You’ll find that the Internet is an excellent source of information as well. Don’t forget Mum and other mothers. Speak to those who have already successfully survived the baby stage. They’ll have wonderful gems that will give you peace of mind.

Get Baby Supplies with Ease

With Chemmart, you’ll have no problem finding baby supplies. Browse online and at the click of a button, you can expect your packages to arrive at your doorstep. Spare yourself the trouble of going out and allow yourself more time to concentrate on your new baby. You’ll find a wide selection, including baby formula, nappies, wipes, baby skin care products, and baby accessories. Breathe a sigh of relief as you stay stocked up with everything that you need.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

You are not an island. When you want to do everything possible to keep your baby happy, you need to get out. Go for a walk, head to the park, or join up with other mothers. Give yourself the opportunity to talk with others who are sharing your experience. You won’t feel alone and you’ll learn valuable tips along the way.

Take Care of Yourself

As a new mother, you are so busy concentrating on the baby that you may neglect yourself. If you are going to give your baby your best, you need some quality time for yourself. Nap when the baby naps instead of trying to do everything at once. Ask friends and family to help you with a break from time to time. Continue to do the things that you love.


Don’t allow yourself to be tense all of the time. You can do this and you will have a happy baby, thanks to your efforts. Remember to actually enjoy this time in your life. All too soon, your baby will be grown up. Make the most of this moment.

Tips for Speeding Up Your Recovery

After you sustain an injury, it can take a while to return to your full strength. If you’re frustrated by the pace of your recovery, make sure you’re following these tips to keep the process going as quickly as possible.
First, it’s vital to follow your doctor’s instructions. Some patients try to do things more quickly than recommended, and this can result in further injury. It’s challenging to move slowly when you’re ready to return to your normal activities, but heeding the advice of your medical professionals is key.

Working with a professional therapist is an excellent way to regain your strength without causing further injury. Be sure to keep all your therapy appointments, and work on the exercises at home as recommended by your therapist.
Having the proper exercise devices at home is very helpful, so check with your therapist if you’re not sure exactly what you should be using. If a certain device is important for your recovery, your therapist can order an extra from for you to work with at home.

Finally, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and a healthy dose of patience throughout the process. You’ll likely have both good days and bad days as you’re recovering, but stay focused on your goals instead of getting discouraged. Surrounding yourself with helpful, supportive people will keep you motivated on difficult days. When you and your medical professionals work together as a team, you’ll be able to return to the activities you love as soon as possible.